New to Planned Giving? Check Out These Resources

New to Planned Giving? Check Out These Resources


If you’re new to planned giving, you’re lucky you found this page.

And if you’re a seasoned professional, you will still find plenty of takeaways and practical tips.

Everyone on your team should know something about planned giving — even if they’re “just” the person who answers the phone. Share this page with your colleagues. It’s chock full of links to planned giving resources.

What Planned Giving is About

Learn the basics of planned giving. Includes a video.

How the Gift Vehicles Work

From Bequests to Lead Trusts. All explained for the newbie, along with educational videos. Also includes a typical donor profile for each gift type.

How to Launch a Planned Giving Program

The perfect 21 steps that you can take to launch your program, or enhance an existing one. Perfect for a new shop; helpful for an existing one.

How to Market Planned Gifts

Our popular breakdown of 10 planned giving marketing tips. All of these are based on research and our years of collective wisdom, and all have been tested for success.

How Ready Are You for Planned Giving?

Use this powerful assessment tool. Its introspective questions will make you think and open up new opportunities. Yes, “you’ll see the light.”

Is Your Board Ready for Planned Giving?

A tool to evaluate your board’s readiness, along with plenty of free planned giving resources. You’ll know whether the board “has your back,” or whether they have a lot to learn about the importance of planned giving.

The Planned Giving Bible

An in-depth look at how planned gifts work, including plenty of frequently (and infrequently) asked questions, answers, and planned giving resources. It’s divided into three main sections for ease of use:

  1. The Simple Gifts (gifts anyone can make)
  2. Life Income Gifts
  3. Gifts that Protect Assets

Updated yearly with the latest information.

The Planned Giving Pocket Guide

With more than 4,000 copies sold, this handy booklet will give you and your team members a solid, general overview on how planned gifts work. It’s updated yearly to include the latest information and legislation affecting planned giving. See our helpful Pocket Guide for Board Members too.


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