Planned Giving for Community Foundations

Serving the Foundation and its Nonprofit Partners

The Challenge

We all know that a Community Foundation is a Nonprofit’s Best Friend.* But inducing your local nonprofits to get on board with this notion has always been a challenge.

Why? It’s most likely because your foundation is not getting its message across —  and because you’re missing some critical donor-centric tools.

We Just Solved Your Problem

Finally. Tools for the Community Foundation and Its Nonprofit Partners

It’s time for Community Foundations to become proactive in their … well … communities!

We’ve developed a planned giving marketing toolkit not only for Community Foundations, but for their nonprofit partners and prospective donors who are ready to invest in their community, but don’t know how.

All licensed to be shared!

Our Focus? Donor-Centric Marketing.

Philanthropy is huge these days, and with the Generation Wealth Transfer (webinar recording) already under way, the time to act is now. Read about this game changer and why, according to the late Robert Sharpe, we’re in the golden age of philanthropy.

What’s best about our toolkit? It comes with a License to Share. That means all of your nonprofit partners get access to everything listed on the right below — without paying one extra dime.

What You Get

Special discounts on more robust solutions for larger nonprofit partners available. Just inquire!

*Download PDF / white paper of article for distribution.

What You Can Share

Free videos you can embed on your website. Contact us for an embed code.

Qualified Charitable Distribusion (QCD)

Summary Elevator Pitch for the Charitable Qualified Distribution (QCD), also referred to as the Charitable IRA Rollover:

“Your IRA can be taxed up to 60% if passed on to heirs, but there is no tax when it is used as a gift to charity. If you are 70½ or older, you can transfer up to $100,000 each year directly from your IRA to charity and not recognize it as income. Best of all, it also counts toward your minimum required distribution from the IRA for the year.”

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