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LegacyPRO Planned Giving Websites

Available With Integrated Will Planning Module


  • Back Office Tools
  • Calculators
  • Outreach


  • Back Office Tools
  • Calculators
  • Videos
  • Outreach

Integrated for Platinum Members

Website Features and Deliverables


  • Now available with LegacyPlanner™ and LegacyOrganizer™ (an online will and bequest maker that’s free to donors)
  • Proprietary URL (we own the domain)
  • SEO-friendly URLs for search engines
  • 100% branded
  • DAF Direct Widget
  • Weekly updated content
  • Current with tax laws
  • Interactive decision modules
  • Interactive Gift Comparison Chart (see hard copy print version)
  • Up to 18 donor stories

**A friendly URL is a web address that is readable to search engines and yet makes sense to humans.

Other Solutions

Can’t decide which
product is for you?

All the Smarts You Need “In a Box”

Developed by two Ivy Leaguers, University of Virginia Law Professor of Philanthropy, and a fundraiser who has raised hundreds of millions. 

The Box is now available with the LegacyOrganizer™ and Beneficiary Designations planned giving  website.

Developed for the smaller shop… not the smaller nonprofit!

Premium Back Office and Outreach


  • How to Choose an Estate Planning Attorney
  • CGA Letter (for your optional use)
  • Beneficiary Designations Solicitation Letter
  • Solicitation Letter – Planned Giving Website Announcement
  • Solicitation Letter
  • Solicitation Letter – Bequest
  • Solicitation Letter – Bequest 2
  • Bequest Thank You Letter
  • Follow Up Bequest Letter 1
  • Follow Up Bequest Letter 2
  • Follow Up Bequest Letter 3
  • General Intention Form + Letter
  • Solicitation – From VP or CEO
  • Solicitation – Bequest Launch


  • Bequest Article – Brochure (new)
  • R1 – Touch Piece – 25 Estate Documents Before You Leave*
  • R2 – Bequest and Organizational Q&A
  • R3 – General Intention Form
  • R4 – Nonbinding Bequest Intention Notification
  • R5 – Donor Testimonial Form / Questionnaire
  • R6 – Sample Donor Stories
  • R7 – Codicil Sample
  • R8 – Bequest Sample Language
  • R9 – Disclaimer


  • Gift Plan Spec Sheets (12)
  • IRA Rollover Kit
  • Gift Comparison Charts*
  • Typical Marketing Calendar
  • Pocket Guides (Fundraisers, Board, Major Gifts Officers)

    This list is not comprehensive as we’re always improving and adding.

    *Note: Some of the templates require Adobe InDesign. The rest is copy / content in MS Word.

Designed to save you thousands of dollars, here’s a collection of tools and professionally designed templates for your planned giving marketing solutions. Simply swap out a few images, do your edits, drop in your logo, and apply your twist to the design. 

  • Cornerstone Brochures (2 templates)
  • Giving Vehicle Brochures (6 templates)
  • Postcards (10 templates)
  • Back Office Tools
  • IRA Rollover Toolkit
  • Estate Planning Brochures
  • Marketing “Touch” Brochures (12 templates)
  • Gift Plan Sheet (illustration, features, benefits)
  • Stewardship Tools & Forms
  • Display Ads (6 templates)

All templates are in Adobe InDesign. It is highly recommended that you work with a graphic designer, local printer, or your in-house marketing department,

Combine LegacyPRO with direct mail postcardsdisplay adsNewslets, a Donor Album to create a powerful, customized complete marketing solution.

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