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  • Back Office Tools
  • Calculators


  • Back Office Tools
  • Calculators
  • Videos

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Website Features and Deliverables


  • New! Now available with the LegacyPlanner™ and LegacyPlanner™ PRO (an online will and bequest maker that’s free to donors)
  • Proprietary PlannedGiving.org** URL (we own the domain)
  • SEO-friendly URLs* for search engines
  • 100% branded
  • DAF Direct Widget
  • Weekly updated content
  • Current with tax laws
  • Interactive decision modules
  • Interactive Gift Comparison Chart (see hard copy print version)
  • Unlimited donor stories

**A friendly URL is a web address that is readable to search engines and yet makes sense to humans.

Smaller Nonprofit Solutions

Can’t decide which product is right for you?

All the Smarts You Need “In a Box”

Developed by two Ivy Leaguers, University of Virginia Law Professor of Philanthropy, and a fundraiser who has raised hundreds of millions.

Premium Back Office and Outreach


  • How to Choose an Estate Planning Attorney
  • CGA Letter (for your optional use)
  • Beneficiary Designations Solicitation Letter
  • Solicitation Letter – Planned Giving Website Announcement
  • Solicitation Letter
  • Solicitation Letter – Bequest
  • Solicitation Letter – Bequest 2
  • Bequest Thank You Letter
  • Follow Up Bequest Letter 1
  • Follow Up Bequest Letter 2
  • Follow Up Bequest Letter 3
  • General Intention Form + Letter
  • Solicitation – From VP or CEO
  • Solicitation – Bequest Launch


  • Bequest Article – Brochure (new)
  • R1 – Touch Piece – 25 Estate Documents Before You Leave*
  • R2 – Bequest and Organizational Q&A
  • R3 – General Intention Form
  • R4 – Nonbinding Bequest Intention Notification
  • R5 – Donor Testimonial Form / Questionnaire
  • R6 – Sample Donor Stories
  • R7 – Codicil Sample
  • R8 – Bequest Sample Language
  • R9 – Disclaimer


  • Gift Plan Spec Sheets (12)
  • IRA Rollover Kit
  • Gift Comparison Charts*
  • Typical Marketing Calendar
  • Pocket Guides (Fundraisers, Board, Major Gifts Officers)

    This list is not comprehensive as we’re always improving and adding.

    *Note: Some of the templates require Adobe InDesign. The rest is copy / content in MS Word.

Designed to save you thousands of dollars, here’s a collection of tools and professionally designed templates for your planned giving marketing solutions. Simply swap out a few images, do your edits, drop in your logo, and apply your twist to the design. 

  • Cornerstone Brochures (2 templates)
  • Giving Vehicle Brochures (6 templates)
  • Postcards (10 templates)
  • Back Office Tools
  • IRA Rollover Toolkit
  • Estate Planning Brochures
  • Marketing “Touch” Brochures (12 templates)
  • Gift Plan Sheet (illustration, features, benefits)
  • Stewardship Tools & Forms
  • Display Ads (6 templates)

All templates are in Adobe InDesign. It is highly recommended that you work with a graphic designer, local printer, or your in-house marketing department,

Combine LegacyPRO with direct mail postcardsdisplay adsNewslets, a Donor Album to create a powerful, customized complete marketing solution.

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