The Future of Bequests: Online Will Planning.

Motivate donors to plan their will and invest their legacy in the cause they support the most. Combined with a donor survey, it makes it a powerful tool.

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Two Tools that Will Simplify Your Life.


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Will & Bequest Planners Have Raised Billions​

Online will planners are everywhere these days, and savvy nonprofits that make the most of them are receiving an astonishing number of bequests in return.

And that’s why you need LegacyPlanner™ or LegacyOrganizer™ integrated into your planned giving website.

About 68% of Americans do not have a will — a large sector of the population that can’t be ignored. Our tools present a formidable way to tap into it.


A do-it-yourself will planner.

The LegacyPlanner™ creates a legal will in 50 states. The Will can be used as is or reviewed by the donor’s attorney.

The Planner is an option on all of our planned giving websites.


For donors preparing to meet with an attorney.

The LegacyOrganizer™ helps your donor to efficiently collect and organize their assets and information. They can then take their materials to an estate planning attorney to be finalized. The Organizer comes standard with Legacy Giving in a Box and you must be a client to utilize this tool.




The product is a very simple one. Just like LegalZoom, Freewill or Giving DOCs, a donor simply fills out a number of forms that are kept behind a secure, password-protected vault. The donor can come back to review or complete their will at any time.

Please watch the 4-minute video on the right for an overview and consider using the LegacyPlanner™ with a donor survey.

What Makes Our Planners Different?​

Our Legacy Family of Tools are “hard-wired” into your planned giving website. They are not an add-on, like other products in the marketplace.

As a result, our Legacy Tools carry over 25 context-sensitive links from your bequest pages, beneficiary designation pages, and from the footer of every section of your gift planning pages. Competing vendors have just a single link.

LegacyPlanner™ and LegacyOrganizer™  give your nonprofit added credibility and also open the door to other gifting opportunities with convenient, context-sensitive links on your planned giving website. This keeps your organization top-of-mind — and makes it easy for donors to include a bequest or decide whether a different type of gift would be more appropriate.


LegacyPlanner™ is branded to your nonprofit. Donors are not redirected to a third-party commercial website.

Branding protects your reputation. We’re the only firm that maintains your brand.

Your donor’s experience begins on your planned giving website. We do not redirect them to a third-party vendor where you would lose control of your sensitive data. We own the  domain — the name trusted by donors, lawyers, and advisors — and that’s where your donors stay.

The URL of your free will-planner will be: (reinforces your brand equity)
and not: (erodes your brand equity) 


Planning an estate online isn’t for everyone. We strongly recommend having an attorney and/or financial advisor help those with complex needs. We also recommend having an attorney review all legal documents before having them finalized. We make this very clear in LegacyPlanner™.