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Empower your donors to plan their will and invest their legacy in the cause they support the most.

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Will & Bequest Planners Have Raised Billions

Since the capability to plan and create a will online has facilitated a significant number of bequests, an online will creator at your nonprofit is an essential tool for creating gift-planning opportunities for donors.

There is no shortage of free estate-planning and will-creation tools. They and our LegacyPlanner™ all work in basically the same way. Because legally, they have to.

So, what’s different about our LegacyPlanner™?

Everything. And It Begins with Your Reputation.

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LegacyPlanner™ is branded to your nonprofit and “sits” on your planned giving website. Donors are not redirected to a third-party commercial website.

Branding protects your reputation. We’re the only firm that maintains your brand..


LegacyPlanner™ is seamlessly integrated in your planned giving website. It is not an add-on.

Since it’s integrated, over 100 context-sensitive links are connected to LegacyPlanner™ from your bequest pages, beneficiary designations pages, and from the footer of every section of your planned giving website. Competing vendors have just a single link.


Your donor’s experience begins on your planned giving website. We do not redirect them to a third-party vendor where you would lose control of your sensitive data. We own the industry domain — the name trusted by donors, lawyers, and advisors — and that’s where your donors stay.

The URL of your free will-planner will be: (reinforces your brand equity)
and not: (erodes your brand equity) 

This is a built-in SEO magnet for your brand. The alternative gives control to an outside vendor.


LegacyPlanner™ gives your donors two choices for completing their will. Using LegacyPlanner™, donors can:

  1. Generate a formal will with the proper language.
  2. Generate a simple document that lists the donors’ assets and information, which then can be shared with their attorney.

This second choice is excellent for those who decide they would like an attorney to review and finalize their will.

Providing these two options gives your nonprofit added credibility and opens the door to giving opportunities should donors decide to include your organization in their estate plans. Donors will find links to your planned giving website that take them to other pages where gift opportunities are described and where they will be able to contact you for more gift-planning information.

Join us: let’s take philanthropy to new heights and watch the bequests start streaming in

It is one fixed price, regardless of how many people in your organization use it. No scaling, no guesswork..

Two Versions: LegacyPlanner and LegacyPlanner PRO.

Making Estate Planning Accessible, Simple, Personal, and FREE!


Planning an estate online isn’t for everyone. We strongly recommend having an attorney and/or financial advisor help those with complex needs. We also recommend having an attorney review all legal documents before having them finalized. We make this very clear in LegacyPlanner™.

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