Which Product to Choose?

Regardless of your budget, we have solutions to help you excel.

We’re often asked, “What product is best suited for our needs?”

Each of our packages has different features and benefits aimed at helping your organization achieve its goals. Browse the descriptions below to help you choose the product that’s right for you, then 

LegacyPRO Website

The LegacyPRO Planned Giving Website is our flagship marketing platform. It’s a highly versatile product that can fulfill all your needs.

Available in three different packages.

You already have other tools in place but need a high-visibility, interactive planned giving website.

You are ready to utilize our complete marketing solutions (postcards/direct mailbrochures, etc.), and LegacyPRO will be part of your entire package.

You can purchase the LegacyPRO planned giving website along with other tools in three different packagesone of which includes LegacyPlanner™.

Planned Giving in a Box

Developed by two Ivy Leaguers, a UVA Law Professor of Philanthropy, and a fundraiser who has raised millions. “The Box” is perfect for organizations that like to keep things in house and have “do-it-yourself” resources.

Planned Giving in a Box contains everything your organization needs to implement a basic planned giving program: tips and tricks, step-by-step instructions, professional advice, customizable forms, marketing materials, artwork templates, thank-you letters, and much more.

It is recommended that you either have a working knowledge of Adobe InDesign, or work closely with a graphic designer or your marketing department.

Remember: this is invaluable content in a do-it-yourself platform.

Beginning a new planned giving program, strengthening an existing one, and putting your back office in order. All the vetted content you need.

Includes an affordable, custom-branded Beneficiary Designations website covering all popular gifts. Life income gifts (the gifts that “pay you back”) not included.

Planned Giving Microsite

Small shop?

This planned giving website (a Microsite as we call it) is perfect for the smaller shop or nonprofit that is starting or establishing a new planned giving program or expanding an existing program online.

You are a small shop or new to planned giving and all you need to do right now is establish a planned giving presence online.

You plan to establish a planned giving program in the near future but are limited by budgets and time constraints at the moment. The Microsite creates an online presence quickly and gives you the opportunity to be indexed by Google early on — before you venture into a more robust, full-fledged program. This is an easy strategic move that should not be ignored.

You’re not ready to promote planned gifts yet, but you realize that you need (actually every nonprofit needs) some sort of online presence to educate your board and your donors, and to get those “accidental” or spur-of-the-moment gifts. It’s a quick and efficient way to tell the world “We’re in the planned giving business.”

We just killed your excuses not to pursue planned gifts. The Planned Giving Microsite is simple to implement, takes almost zero involvement on your part, and is priced at only $795 per year.

Read all FAQs on this page before you choose this product. Customization and branding are somewhat limited; so is one-on-one support. Why? It’s the only way we can afford to keep the product alive, at this price point, for the benefit of our community.

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