Which Website to Choose?

Three Solutions

We’re often asked, “Which planned giving website is best suited for our needs?”

Each offers different features aimed for different needs (quick overview). They should not be compared as “which one is better.” Use this as a guide. Each has far more features than listed.

Note: if you require outreach and back-office solutions, consider the suite of tools in Legacy Giving in a Box and The Planned Giving Toolkit noted below.


Planned Giving Website

$6995 (plus options)

The LegacyPro Planned Giving Website is our flagship marketing platform. It’s a highly versatile product aimed for mature and larger programs. Our team sets up this website for you and therefore no work at your end is required.

  • You Have a Robust Program​

    Best suited for shops that are established or have funding in place and have steady, strong growth.

  • You Need a Powerful Presence Online​

    You already have other tools in place but need a high-visibility, interactive planned giving website.

  • A-La-Carte Add-On​

    You are ready to utilize our complete marketing solutions (postcards/direct mail, brochures, etc.), and LegacyPro will be part of your entire package.

  • Powerful Tools

    FAQs, Videos, Animated Gift Diagrams, Calculators are just a few of the options available. Over 15 gift plans covered.

  • For Community Foundations​

    You’re a community foundation that needs to provide support to your nonprofit partners, and also need your smaller partners to link to your LegacyPro from their Planned Giving Microsites (see below).

  • For National Charities

    You’re a national charity that needs to provide support to your nonprofit partners, and also need your smaller partners to link to your LegacyPro from their Planned Giving Microsites (see below).


Planned Giving Website

$3995 (plus options)


Logo - Legacy Giving in a Box

Legacy Giving in a Box

This suite includes LegacyLite, Back Office, and Stewardship Tools.

LegacyLite is an affordable planned giving website for nonprofits focused on beneficiary designations only who need a simple planned giving website without the bells and whistles. Life Income gifts are not covered. If you need back-office and stewardship tools with this planned giving website, consider Legacy Giving in a Box.

  • Planned Giving Website

    The Box contains a Beneficiary Designations planned giving website — 92% of all planned gifts. Life income gifts are not covered. Our team sets up this website for you. No work at your end is required.

  • Basic Outreach

    LegacyLite comes with your basic outreach which includes a bequest brochure, Trusts 101, advisor brochure, filler articles, and more.

  • Branding

    Just like our LegacyPro above, this website is branded so that your donors experience a seamless integration.


Planned Giving Website

$995 (plus options)


Planned Giving Toolkit

Planned Giving Toolkit

This suite includes LegacyMicro and outreach templates.

The LegacyMicro planned giving website (sample) is perfect for the “smaller shop” that is starting or expanding a planned giving program. It is so affordable that even if you’re not prepared to pursue planned gifts full-time, it’s good to have this toolkit “on the side” working for you.

Read all FAQs before you choose this product. Customization and branding are somewhat limited, so is one-on-one and handholding support. Why? It’s the only way we can afford to keep the product alive, at this price point, for the benefit of our community.

  • Summary of Gifts Plans

    Unlike our other platforms, gift plans are summarized. No details and no FAQs other than typical donor profiles.

  • Limited Branding

    LegacyMicro is affordable because of branding limitations. For those organizations who do not have strict branding guidelines this is a "charm." It is a welcome opportunity to begin working with us as you grow to our more robust solutions.

  • All Basic Resources Included

    Gift comparison charts, bequest language, advisors page, optional online will-planner and more.

  • Pre-Launch and Google Search SEO​

    You plan to establish a planned giving program in the near future but are limited by budgets and time constraints at the moment. The Microsite creates an online presence quickly and gives you the opportunity to be indexed by Google early on — before you venture into a more robust, full-fledged program. This is an easy strategic move.

  • Simple Website

    You’re not ready to promote planned gifts yet, but you realize that you need (actually every nonprofit needs) some sort of online presence to educate your board and your donors, and to get those “accidental” or spur-of-the-moment gifts. It’s a quick and efficient way to tell the world “We’re in the planned giving business.”

  • Smaller Shop

    You are a small shop or new to planned giving and all you need to do right now is establish a planned giving presence online.

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