New LegacyPRO Website


Your donors are becoming more sophisticated — and more demanding. So are their advisors. That’s why we’ve created a new, more comprehensive planned giving website that speaks to both. Currently there is nothing like it in the marketplace. Be the first to benefit from this powerful new platform. Your donors will thank you!

New LegacyPro

Planned Giving Website

$6995 (plus options)

The LegacyPro Planned Giving Website is our flagship marketing platform. It’s a highly versatile product aimed at mature and larger programs. LegacyPro includes our all-inclusive white glove service: We set the website up; customize it to your specifications; and perform all updates and maintenance as needed. Your team doesn’t need to lift a finger.  

The New LegacyPro has the following enhancements:

  • Added Gift Plans

    Four additional gift plans are now included.

  • Enhanced Navigation

    You can easily get anywhere, from anywhere. Context-sensitive links added for efficiency.

  • Search Engine Optimized

    Times change, and we've incorporated a new generation of optimization.

  • Questions Donors Ask

    We've created an even more comprehensive FAQ section for each gifting vehicle, with more than double the questions and answers.

  • Stylized 21st Century Gift Diagrams

    All graphics have been completely revamped, ensuring your website has an engaging, contemporary look and feel.

  • Branded Videos

    Unlike other vendors, we've shied away from generic explainer videos. Our videos include your organization’s logo and contact information, giving your donors a personalized experience. (additional fee)

  • LegacyPlanner™

    Our optional LegacyPlanner™ is truly integrated and can be easily accessed by the donor from anywhere on your planned giving website. (additional fee)

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