The Legacy Family of Will Planning Tools

Welcome to the 21st Century of Legacy planning.

Let’s face it: Every day, more donors are turning to digital tools to plan their will and legacy. And it makes sense:

They already store important documents in the cloud; interact with their banks, brokers and healthcare providers online; and use an app for just about everything else.

But that doesn’t mean everyone’s comfortable with the idea.

Many donors prefer to hire an estate planning attorney — and who can blame them? It’s the tried-and-true, traditional method of planning out the sometimes complicated steps that come after your life. Yet others prefer the do-it-yourself approach of a free online will planning tool.

That’s why we’ve developed The Legacy Family of Will Planning Tools.


For donors preparing to meet with an estate planning attorney.

Efficiently collect and organize assets.

  • Includes forms, checklists and other documents with language suitable for basic estate needs — potentially saving donors on future paralegal fees.
  • Includes an optional, customizable document allowing the donor to leave your nonprofit a bequest.
  • Includes optional customizable codicil allowing the donor to leave your nonprofit a bequest — perfect for the donor who’s updating their will.
  • Includes multiple entry points allowing the donor to engage with the nonprofit, opening up discussions about other giving opportunities.
  • Perfect for the traditional donor.

For Do-It-Yourself donors who want to create a legal will for free, online.

Create a legal will in 50 states. Use as is or run it by a lawyer.

  • Trusted, Secure Will Planning Platform​
  • Branded to your nonprofit — doesn’t take donors to a third-party site.
  • Integrated into your Planned Giving website — more than 25 intuitive links access the Planner
  • Includes outreach, marketing tools and more
  • Multiple entry points allowing the donor to learn about your other giving opportunities — in person, or from the comfort of home.
  • Includes access to secure dashboard showing gift information (if the donor opted to do so)

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