The Future of Planned Giving

The Future of Planned Giving

Not covered in this report: The SECURE Act.

Attend our webinar on this topic and discover the challenges and opportunities it presents for your donors, for your nonprofit and your career.

There’s been a lot of chatter in recent years about the place of planned giving within the fundraising field. Should planned giving be its own specialty, overseen by highly trained professionals and kept separate from the rest of a nonprofit’s operations? Does it need its own language that only a few people understand?

Maybe planned giving (or gift planning, as it is sometimes called) should be more integrated into major and principal gifts. Maybe it should be a team effort. What’s right? What’s best? What do donors want? What does the future of planned giving hold?

Your Road to Success is Paved Well

If your fundraising career intersects with planned giving in any way, you are likely very interested in the answers to these kinds of questions. Guess what? It’s your lucky day! We talked with six of the country’s top planned giving experts* and then assembled their responses in this special report.  These folks bring in the big bucks presenting at national and regional conferences, but you get to benefit from their insight and expertise at no cost. Get their perspectives for free, right here.

As recent events have shown, relying solely on annual funding is a recipe for failure. We’ve been saying it for years: Nonprofits that incorporate planned giving into their fundraising programs are better situated to not just survive, but thrive when the going gets tough. They are able to fund endowments, expand programs, and have a cushion to fall back on if needed. And fundraisers who just dabble in planned giving earn more than their counterparts who focus solely on annual giving! That’s because planned giving makes it easy for anyone  — not just the wealthy — to give a much larger gift than they thought possible!

Enjoy The Future of Planned Giving.  Learn from our report. Then drop us a line at and tell us what you think.


Jeff Comfort, Camilyn Leone, Lynn Ierardi, Scott Lumpkin, Scott Janney, Lisa Repko.

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