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SECURE Act Basic FAQs | Questions Your Peers Are Asking

Do you feel overwhelmed by new legislation affecting the planned giving industry?

What compounds the confusion is the approach to webinars by brilliant subject matter attorneys.

Attorneys, however, are for back-office operations. For frontline work, it’s the marketing experts that bring in the gifts. Two different specialties, addressing two different needs. An analogy would be, “Attorneys build phone systems; marketing makes the phones ring.”

If you are looking for practical solutions addressing the SECURE Act, we’ve got good news. We’re offering a webinar that not only gives you knowledge, but the know-how to market that knowledge:

  1. It’s led by Jeff Comfort who has 36 years frontline experience (Georgetown, Oregon State), provides planned giving services to about 50 major gift officers, and has raised almost $1 billion in his career
  2. It’s co-hosted by Viken Mikaelian, a frontline planned giving marketing expert for 25+ years

Your donors need a simple, clear, practical “frontline” message, because “confused people don’t buy.”

Huge Opportunities for Planned Giving.

Plenty of giveaways and downloads including our popular IRA Rollover Toolkit.

Support your organization, build your future, advance your career. Sign up today.Past Event

Purchase both webinar recordings here.

Your purchase includes several tools and downloads including the IRA Rollover Toolkit.The Q&A is complimentary if you attended the PlannedGiving.Com webinar on January 29th or have purchased a recording. The recording of the Q&A will be available February 1st, 2020.

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Online Estate Planners: An Interview With Viken Mikaelian

Are you curious about the proliferation of online will makers? Wondering if utilizing one is the right move for your nonprofit? Find out what PlannedGiving.Com CEO Viken Mikaelian thinks in a straight-talk Q&A session. He answers questions about their sudden popularity (they’ve been around for more than 20 years, after all), whether nonprofits should offer them at all or just advise donors to visit an estate attorney, and more.

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