Planned Giving Websites

Why You Need a Planned Giving Website

It’s time for a reality check: Your donors are on the internet—and your planned giving program should be, too. The argument that older donors aren’t computer savvy just doesn’t hold water anymore.

Fact: 96% of people between 50 and 64 years old use the internet regularly. Among those 65 and older, at least 75 percent are web-savvy.

Which is just another way of saying that the majority of your donors are online!

In our modern, digital society, a planned giving website is not an add-on — it’s the heart of your program. A must. A 24/7 critical operation powering your development shop.

What kind of benefits can a planned giving website provide?

  • A 24/7 information desk for visitors
  • A donor-centric library of planned giving and estate planning information
  • A fundraising funnel converting visitors to donors
  • A photo gallery of events, board members, fundraisers, volunteers
  • A site to showcase donors and their stories
  • A place to brag about your legacy society
  • A tool to educate financial advisors about planned giving options for their philanthropic, tax-averse clients
  • An instant source of credibility and trust
  • An opportunity to educate donors on estate planning
  • A hub for all your planned giving marketing efforts

But where do you begin? Do you have a team with enough IT, development, legal, marketing, writing, and graphic design expertise?

We do — and we’ve been doing this for more than 20 years. That means we can do it more quickly, efficiently, and effectively than you or our competitors can.

The longer you wait, the more donors you miss.

Planned Giving Can Get Complicated. Marketing Them Shouldn’t Be.

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