Trust-Based Fundraising

Trust-Based Fundraising


I’ll be blunt: You can get lucky with lust, but you get married and stay married with trust.

You’re probably thinking, “What does that have to do with marketing or fundraising?” Well … everything.

You see, the majority of fundraisers think philanthropy is about getting that one-time donation, whether it be $10 or $10,000 — or, as I like to call it, getting lucky. But getting lucky is not a long-term solution for any nonprofit. Trust is.

So let’s examine philanthropy from a different perspective. Instead of looking for ways to land an annual gift, let’s look at ways to establish a lifelong relationship — trust — with donors. Though annual gifts provide income; the latter provides both income and equity. Isn’t that what planned giving is all about? You can even call it a marriage.

What’s Equity? It’s Endowment.

Maybe I sound brazen, but as you know, I do not sugar coat stuff. I have three rules that I follow, consistently:

  • I tell the truth, even if it’s not welcomed.
  • I tell the truth with a hammer, so you get it. See first line above.
  • I never abuse clients for short term profit. Just like you should never abuse donors.

Don’t Raise Money. Raise Friends.

In philanthropy, rather than getting donors to raise cash, it is smarter to raise cash to “get donors.” This may sound like a tongue-twister, but it’s not. The first provides income to your nonprofit, but the second provides income and equity (think endowment).

The majority of fundraisers possess a daily income mentality. There’s nothing wrong with that. But the very few who get the equity (endowment) part, do exceptionally well for their organization — and for their career.

Be honest with your donors. Establish a relationship with them and earn their trust. Once you earn their trust, you’ll earn far more than just annual gifts.

Think Income + Equity.  Even in your personal life. If you are like-minded, join our community to achieve long-term sustainability results

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