Only 1% of Nonprofits Take Planned Giving Seriously

Top 1 Percent

In my 25 years in the planned giving business, I can state confidently that less than 1% of nonprofits take planned giving seriously. And the ones who say they do take planned giving seriously, but take no action, don’t count.

One does not need my experience to see this. Think about it: in any industry, only 1% are in a high level of success. This goes for sports, music, politics, and business. And philanthropy.

I hear, “But I am happy with where I am.” Just don’t admit this to your board otherwise you may just lose your promotion. And if you’re in a quiet room by yourself and feel the slightest curiosity why some of your peers are doing better, then perhaps you should question yourself. Planned giving pays … it’s good for your career (and your organization).

So… do you want to join the top 1%? Are you a tire kicker or a Formula One driver? Your attitude towards planned giving would give you the answer. Be the exception!

This and some other opinions of mine are revealed in an interview with Karen Martin and Patrick O’Donnell, editors of Giving Tomorrow Magazine at


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