Does a Donor Need a Lawyer to Draft a Will?

Does a Donor Need a Lawyer to Draft a Will?

So what Happened to Your Loyal Donor? Have you experienced the passing of a loyal donor who forgot to leave you in her estate plan? Sadly, it happens often. Some donors don’t realize they can make a difference with a bequest. Others don’t create a will at all — leaving their families with an emotional and financial mess. Many fundraisers and advisors hold a deeply rooted belief that donors should always use an attorney to draft their wills. Sound advice. But in the real world, this does not always play out. Regardless of anyone’s recommendation, many will simply put their blinders on and neglect the task altogether. Others will attempt to draft their wills themselves. So, instead of offering advice they won’t heed, why not provide donors with the tools to get started on (or complete) an estate plan, and recommend it be reviewed by an attorney? This keeps your nonprofit top of mind when it’s time to think about bequests, and it also provides a valuable service — more than 60 percent of Americans lack a will. A free, online will-maker for your donors is an opportunity to let donors know they are not just creating an estate plan for their loved ones, they are also investing in their own legacy. That’s why we’ve created LegacyPlanner™ —it’s a bequest and will planner in one. And it comes with several options for the donor including smart way to open doors to other discussions. Read more here, and then give us a call to talk with a planned giving specialist. Your endowment won’t regret it. Categories: Bequests,

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