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Is Your Week Planned? Effective Time Management Will Make You a Leader

Is Your Week Planned? Effective Time Management Will Make You a Leader

In one of my 2018 posts on LinkedIn about the 10 Habits of Successful People, I mentioned an important time management concept:

Don’t count time. Make time count.

I hope this has sunk in for you. It took me quite a while to “get” it, but that’s when I realized most people are on the sidelines just waiting for something to happen in their lives … that is, they are people who are “killing time.”

You can never kill time. Time kills you. Get off the sidelines and play the game, or get left behind. One way to improve your time management skills is to plan out your week before it even starts.

The Key to Success

I plan my entire week on Sunday evenings. I find that when I go to bed with the week in mind, it gets me new and fresh ideas on Mondays and gets me pumped. I let nothing distract me.

Average people hate Mondays, and refer to Wednesday as “hump day” and then “Thank God it’s Friday.” But if you are a leader, you should enjoy it all. The average consciousness lives for the weekend. Leaders live for the now. Leaders spend their life so that they are not “counting time” — they are making time count. This is a huge time management secret of high achievers. They are fundraisers who do not hide behind calculators and “annuity payout seminars” and instead focus on donors.

While average people search for security, you are searching for life’s vision. You use time, rather than allowing time to use you. That is, you realize that however successful you become, time is the one resource you cannot purchase. And you believe in “unpredictable security.” If this sounds like an oxymoron to you, think again.

Manage your time well. Your board will notice, your boss will appreciate it, and your peers will respect and fear it. And you’ll get a raise. Take Karen Martin’s productivity quiz.

If you lose money, you can gain it back. If you lose your health, you can gain that back too. If you lose time, it’s gone forever.

All this moves you up the ladder of success. And as Zig Ziglar says, “See you at the top.

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