Email vs. U.S. Mail

Email vs. U.S. Mail

Trying to save money by using eMarketing?

Think again.

According to the 2015 Response Rate Report by Direct Marketing Association (who also does eMarketing), direct mail outperforms all digital channels in a big way. The response rate for direct mail was 600% higher than that all of the digital channels combined. This number is too big to ignore.

As I have said before, if my mailbox in front of my driveway was as full as my inbox, it would have to be the size of a tractor trailer. You can see, therefore, that what ends up in my actual mailbox will get more attention than what is collecting in my inbox, as there is much less competition.

If, as a nonprofit, you are thinking of eliminating direct mail I say “don’t do it!” Otherwise your organization will be in for a real surprise in the not too distant future.

Often, the best source for a nonprofit to learn from is from the business sector, where the name of the game is “make money”. Yes, they have to do that, remember?

Okay, so here are some “amazing” facts about online businesses. Recently, Amazon opened up its first brick and mortar bookstore. Hmmm… it seems people find it shockingly difficult to escape the real world. You can always hangout at, but sooner or later you are going to need real food.  By the way, Amazon’s online “book business”  loses money whereas Barnes and Noble makes money.

Google. They are now using direct mail. Yes, paper. Google uses direct mail regularly to promote many of its new services, especially to businesses.  Google also depends heavily on human account executives and sales reps. I get a call from my representative at least once a month. How about Apple? They depend on real stores. And look at all the TV and print ads done by And how about the online matchmaking industry? They are always on TV, on the radio and in magazines.

Another surprising statistic — about 70% of the revenue on the Internet over the past 12 months was collected by just 5 companies. These behemoths are easily in a position to crush smaller players, or become portals for them. By contrast, the playing field is leveled in direct mail. Everyone has to pay the same postage and you can’t be out-bid for access to mailboxes.

There’s something to be said about old fashioned marketing and salesmanship. Even in this day and age sending out a birthday-and-half card, a Valentine’s Day card, or a Thanksgiving card stands out as special. We are a very long way from a solely virtual economy. We thrive in both worlds – the virtual and the real.

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