10 Habits of Successful People

10 Habits of Successful People

You know what? Living the good life is expensive.

But guess what? I have discovered another way to live that doesn’t cost as much. Unfortunately, it isn’t nearly as good.

So … here are ten tips that I’ve developed by studying — and emulating — the habits of people who live the good life. I take these seriously every day — and I hope you will too. (If you like my self-improvement articles, visit my LinkedIn posts.):

  1. They are making time count — they are not counting time. This hit me hard after my cancer diagnosis. Read it twice.
  2. Their daily lists are done the night before. Their weekly lists are done by Sunday evening.
  3. They are at work early, and they leave late. This buys them the ticket to take off when they want.
  4. They are not hanging out by the water cooler (unless they are discussing the next major gift), or waiting 20 minutes in line at lunch for their fancy coffee and chit chat with their favorite barista (unless he’s the son of a major donor).
  5. They are not posting articles that labor over how rate changes or tax laws will spell gloom and doom for generations of nonprofits to come.
  6. They do not labor over politics; they leave their egos at home.
  7. They study the people business — not the legal business.
  8. They do not have call reluctance. A simple phone call and a “hello” to a donor can change someone’s life that very day.
  9. All electronic notifications are shut if they need to focus on a critical task. This includes closing their door to avoid colleagues who are time vampires.
  10. They follow the 80/20 priority rule. This rule gets you ahead fast.

I love watching people who are on the sidelines waiting for something to happen in their lives… that is, people who are “killing time.” You must realize — you can never kill time. That’s a fact of life. Time kills you.


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You can never kill time — Time kills you.

So, go on and make time count before it counts you.

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