Engage Donors Establish a Legacy Using LegacyPlanner ™

Engage Donors Establish a Legacy Using LegacyPlanner ™

Fact: More than 60% of Americans do not have a will. That means they’ll have no say in how their estate is distributed.

Give Your Planned Giving Program a Boost

Online will-planning platforms have shown that millions of bequests can be made with an online will-planning tool such as LegacyPlanner ™.

LegacyPlanner ™ is free for your donors to use — and because it’s vetted by our attorneys, it can be used to create a valid, legal estate plan in all 50 states. It’s also a sensible, money-saving tool for donors who want to start the estate-planning process and organize their documents before visiting an attorney.

Reach New Prospects with LegacyPlanner!

But the real power of LegacyPlanner ™ is in its potential to reach previously untapped planned giving prospects. It’s the perfect donor-centric reminder that creating an estate plan is an essential step toward protecting your donors and their loved ones. Grateful, generous prospects will have your planned giving website to thank for helping them with one of the most important and meaningful tasks they’ll ever complete.

A Seamless Design, Branded to Your Organization

There’s no better way to keep your organization top of mind when your donors are deciding how they want to be remembered. For a minimal fee, LegacyPlanner is fully integrated with your existing planned giving website. This integration is what makes it stand out from the rest. It’s branded to your nonprofit, but also contains a disclaimer to shield your organization from liability. And our team always keeps it up to date — you don’t have to do a thing.

All this means is that your donors now have an opportunity to establish their legacy by leaving your nonprofit a transformative planned gift. It’s as simple as using your planned giving website with our LegacyPlanner ™.

The Great Wealth Transfer is underway and as Robert Sharpe mentions, it’s the Golden Age for Philanthropy. Don’t miss out on this critical opportunity to jumpstart your organization’s planned giving program and give your endowment a shot in the arm with LegacyPlanner ™.


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Making Estate Planning Accessible, Simple, Personal, Secure and FREE!

Bequests are up, cash is down. Empower your donors to plan their will and invest their legacy in the cause they support the most.

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