If You Don’t Write Your Will …

The Government Will Take Care of it For You

Did you know there’s a simple way that you can make the government your very best friend? It’s so easy, you won’t even have to lift a finger! Here’s how: don’t write your will. Simply skip making an estate plan covering your assets.

That’s right. Don’t write your will. Then, when you die, you’ll be declared “intestate.” “Intestate” is a fancy word that essentially means, “they didn’t think a will was important, so now the government gets to decide what to do with all their stuff.”

Of course, the government will ensure your great Uncle Sam and your favorite nephew, Mr. IRS, are well taken care of, but your favorite charity — the one that you’ve always supported faithfully—won’t see a dime. And friends or loved ones whom you wanted to remember with a particular gift or protect with a trust won’t get a thing. In fact, not writing your will could even start a family feud.

That’s because, when you don’t write your will, the court won’t know (or care) about the causes close to your heart; the people you wanted to help; or the legacy you wanted to leave behind. In short, when you don’t write a will, the government will do it for you — the government will make the decisions about where your money should go, how it should be taxed, and who should benefit from all of the hard work you put in during your lifetime.

Thankfully, there’s another way. When you write a will, you’re telling the world how you want your assets handled — and what legacy you want to leave for future generations.

Will You Write Your Will Today? 

Are you ready to make the government your very best friend? If so, then just do nothing — they’ll be happy to take care of your hard-earned assets for you.

Or you can use the LegacyPlanner™ to write your will, for free, that protects your family and loved ones, distributes your assets fairly, and ensures you don’t burden heirs with an excessive tax bill or an expensive legal (and emotional) mess.

Tell the government “HANDS OFF!” Write your will and decide your own legacy instead.

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