Avoiding Estate Plan Family Feuds

And Other Disasters

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October 25, 2023

2 PM - 3 PM

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35% of adults in the U.S. say they or someone they know experienced familial conflict because an estate plan or will was not put in place.*

Help your donors help themselves: This new, comprehensive webinar will focus on estate planning best practices. We’ll show you how to:

This is a prime opportunity for fundraisers to gain valuable insight into the estate planning process — insight that will allow more comfortable, in-depth discussions about estate planning and planned gifts with older donors.

Give your supporters one more reason to consider your nonprofit when they’re planning their wills. Sign up for our webinar today to learn the basics of estate planning, and take your fundraising game to the next level.

Learn what’s at stake, what you can do to better shape legacies, and what questions to ask donors. 

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Jonathan Gudema

Jonathan Gudema, Esq.

Planned Giving Expert

Jonathan is an advisor to ultra high-net-worth individuals. He is also a planned giving consultant and coaches several charities. Jonathan resides in the NY metropolitan area.



Initiating the Legacy Conversation

Initiating the Legacy Conversation 2.0​

If you can’t initiate the planned giving conversation, begin a dialogue or make the ask, you risk losing the gift to someone who is more prepared.