eBroadcasts with Landing Pages

Your Donors Want to Hear From You

What's Included?

  • Electronic mail (eBroadcasts) leading your donors to a landing page
  • Each landing page addresses one focused topic of interest
  • Each landing page includes a highly-visible call to action (CTA)


  • Keeps you in front of your donors
  • Works 24/7/365
  • Engages donors to keep in touch and motivates them to give
  • Makes them more receptive to take your call

Your eBroadcast is designed to lead your donor to a landing page on your planned giving website. The landing page is branded to your nonprofit and covers a specific Planned Giving topic of interest. From DAFs to Bequests and almost everything in between, each page is geared specifically toward supporting your mission while providing donor benefits.

And what’s best is that it’s integrated into your planned giving website like all our other tools such as LegacyPlanner™. And like all our tools, these pages are geared specifically toward donor benefits.

That means your donor gets to see how they would benefit by making a particular planned gift! For instance:

  • Can I earn income from a gift?
  • Are there immediate tax advantages?
  • What about tax advantages for my heirs?
  • Can I rescind a gift if my situation changes?
  • Can I make a big impact even if I’m not rich?
  • Are there tax advantages to donating my IRA?
  • What’s a QCD?
  • Can I donate my vacation home but still use it?

Each page is attractively branded, includes a link that reaches a page explaining how the gift works, and —
most importantly — has a highly visible linked call-to-action specific to your mission.

That means they can get started on their legacy gift immediately! And if you subscribe to LegacyPlanner™, there will be several links pointing to it so they can draft a will if they wish.

This marketing tool makes attracting donors easy, because the pages do the work for you. The recommended number of eBroadcasts is 4 to 6 a year.

Don't Lose Opportunities

Ever wonder how many planned gifts you’ve lost because a fundraiser wasn’t available to explain the benefits? Or because a donor may not be comfortable speaking with a fundraiser yet?

This marketing tool has you covered because it’s a “set it and forget it” solution for legacy gifts.

Stop losing opportunities because you don’t have a fundraising staff on call 24-7. Contact us today to get started on bringing in planned gifts around the clock.


  • Customizable eBroadcasts your team can send out. Use it as is, edit it, or add an introduction coming from you.
  • Don’t have time to write an intro? Our senior writer will do it for you (additional fee).
  • Matching Landing Page that’s integrated into your planned giving website.
  • Landing Page features a Call to Action so prospects can become donors today.
  • Choose 2, 4 or 6 eBroadcasts per year.
  • Can be used with LegacyPlanner™ to generate bequests.


  • 5 Reasons to Consider a Bequest
  • 5 Reasons to Donate Appreciated Assets
  • 5 Reasons You Should Make a Gift of Personal Property
  • 6 Reasons to Give a Retained Life Estate
  • 9 Reasons to Consider Gifting Life Insurance
  • 10 Reasons to Give From Your Will
  • 10 Reasons Why You Should Donate Your IRA
  • 10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a DAF
  • 10 Reasons You Need A Valid Will
  • 10 Ways to Make a Planned Gift

New topics of interest are added on a regular basis.

Reach out! We look forward to hearing from you.


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