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Beneficiary Designations

Bequests and Beneficiary Designations make up over 92.5% of all planned gifts.

And it’s a very simple gift for your supporters to make since it does not affect their cashflow or lifestyle.

They simply fill out a beneficiary designation form for their retirement plan, life insurance policy, bank, and/or brokerage account.

When their gift comes due, the donation will be delivered directly to your organization.

Most people don’t realize they can name charities like yours as a beneficiary. But it’s not only possible, it’s a smart way to give!

By donating highly-taxed assets such as retirement accounts to a qualified nonprofit like yours, they’ll avoid saddling their heirs with a hefty tax bill.

It allows them to make the most out of the money they’ve so carefully invested, and give their loved ones more tax-advantaged assets.

Your supporters will feel secure knowing their generous planned gift will be delivered directly to your door, and you’ll feel good knowing you helped them secure their legacy.

Contact us today for more information and a beneficiary designations marketing kit. The longer you wait, the more gifts you miss! 

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