Planned Giving Brochures

Professionally designed brochures are an important lead-nurturing strategy.

Explainer brochures covering over 15 gift plans, including Ways-of-Giving brochures.

Estate planning brochures including worksheets. Great conversation starters!

Brochures for any occasion to reach out to any donor for any excuse. Mail them with a personal note.

More bequests are made by women. And it’s not just because they live longer.

Premium Planned Giving Brochures

An intelligent brochure educates your donors, conveys authority, increases target audience, and persuades them to take action. For many organizations, creating a compelling and attractive brochure is a challenge.  For our team, it’s a breeze.

We have over 25 topics covering immediate, deferred, and life-income gifts, including various trusts, wills and estates. All attractively customized for your organization with your donor in mind. All can be posted as a PDF on your planned giving website for your donors to download.



Brochures on every planned giving vehicle. Gift Annuities to Lead Trusts and Real Estate to Gifts of Mineral Rights to Gifts of Cattle. We have it all … even Ways-of-Giving brochures …  in simple, plain English.

Estate Planning “Touches”

Timely “touch” pieces for any occasion in a full-color format that reminds donors to keep their estate plans up-to-date — and to consider your philanthropic mission. Over 10 topics including Trusts 101 (below) for the charitably minded.

Estate Planning Toolkit

Over 50% of Americans do not have a will in place. Take the fear out of estate planning by educating how to write a will, plan a bequest, and make arrangements that align with their interests and personal goals.

Estate Planning for Women

American women hold a large percentage of the nation’s wealth yet most do not have an estate plan. Even when a married couple does have a plan, women have additional considerations. Educate female donors how to make estate arrangements that align with their values and goals.

  • Women control 1/3 of total US household financial assets: 10.9 trillion.
  • By 2024 it is expected to rise to $81 trillion.
  • High net worth women give 3.5% of their net worth (double given by men)
  • Single women are more likely to give
  • 84% of women said giving is important following the pandemic (vs 75% prior)
Trusts 101

Trust – A personal financial plan where you transfer your assets or property to a new legal entity so they are can be managed for your benefit or the benefit of your loved ones.

Market this piece as “The smart donor’s guide to building a strong financial foundation for yourself and your loved ones.”

Brochures for Advisors

Financial, estate and charitable planning. They all go hand-in-hand. Educate the charitably minded-advisor with these publications.

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Endowing Your Annual Gifts

Legacy Society Brochures

How to Choose an Estate Planning Attorney

A Bequest Brochure for the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s generation

Cornerstone Brochures (upscale leave behind; sample)

You Don’t Need a Will (importance of Estate Planning delivered with humor)

Estate Planning Guide for Women.