Estate Planning “Touch” Brochures

Estate Planning Brochures


Educate Your Donors and Prospects

Get them thinking about planned giving — with these 11 attractive, informational estate planning brochures. Considering that over 65% of Americans lack an estate plan, these brochures are essential reading for your nonprofit’s audience.

Each brochure is packed with helpful tips, insightful advice, and actionable information.

Customize them with your own branding: Headlines, body copy and images can all be easily adapted to your organization. (Templates are in Adobe InDesign)

How to Use These Brochures

10 Things to Remember When Planning Your Future

Help your donors protect their loved ones with these 10 tips for creating an estate plan. Alternate title suggestion: Live Well. Leave Well. Plan Your Estate for Those You Love.

8 Tax Tips for Making the Most of Your Charitable Donations

Give your donors eight tips they can use to ensure they’re maximizing their charitable donations.

12 Simple Steps to Creating an Estate Plan

Show your donors how to create an estate plan, and why it’s important for their loved ones. This brochure covers trusts, bequests, life insurance, estate taxes and more.

Wise Women Estate Planning Essentials

Estate planning is especially important for women. Show prospects how they can get peace of mind and financial security by protecting themselves and their family with a will.

How to Create an Estate Plan

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Life Insurance as an Estate Planning Tool

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Save Your Estate for Your Heirs: Minimize Probate Expenses

Give donors and prospects some helpful information on how to reduce or eliminate probate expenses. Includes charitable gifts and beneficiary designations.

The Philanthropist’s Guide to Selecting Effective Charities

Show your prospects what factors to consider and where to find information when they’re deciding on which charities are worth supporting.

Top 7 Estate-Planning Mistakes

Educate your audience on estate planning and show them how to avoid traps that lead to confusion and misunderstandings..

Essential Steps for Setting Up a Trust

Show donors that setting up a trust isn’t just for the wealthy, nor is it complicated. Includes reasons to create a trust and considerations for selecting beneficiaries and trustees.

Choosing an Attorney

Six out of every ten American adults lack a will, putting their estates (and their families) at risk. Many say it’s because they don’t know how to pick the right attorney. This brochure will help guide them.

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