Trusts 101

A timely piece that’s a must-have for any nonprofit to distribute to donors, board members and advisors.

Market this piece as:  “The smart person’s guide to building a strong financial foundation for yourself and your loved ones. Whether you are planning for your family, becoming a philanthropist, or making your bucket list to live your best life, trust your trust.”

General Description

Trusts are financial and estate planning tools designed to help one to take care of their finances and their family. With the help of their professional advisor, a donor can create a trust as unique as they and their dreams. With Trusts 101, you can suggest how your donors can match their dreams to the type of trust meant for them, including helping your nonprofit. “Take a look, call your advisor, create the roadmap to your best future!”

Document Structure



A 20-item chart/matrix illustrating the features and benefits of each trust with checkmarks in appropriate columns for each type of trust.

Intended Audience

Individual/couple, 50ish, professional, family and community oriented, make charitable gifts. Too busy to spend the time to sort out the choices yet they want a good overview so they can take action.

Message for Advisors

Collaborating with your clients is the new reality. Trusts 101 is the roadmap to guide clients on their path to a secure financial future.

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