Cornerstone Brochures

These donor-centric pieces are crafted specifically for sophisticated organizations aiming to attract that special donor. They are timeless, exceptionally elegant ways-of-giving brochures.

The cornerstone of something is the basic part of it on which its existence, success, or truth depends. These publications are written and aesthetically designed to do just that. They also build trust… and trust alone is the cornerstone of your relationship with your donors and prospects.

Ask for samples we’ve produced 20 years ago that still stand the test of time today.

Sample contents of a Cornerstone Brochure (PDF). These brochures can be completely customized.


Written in our signature, straightforward language, each piece details essential gift plans in a way anyone — not just estate attorneys and financial advisors — can understand.

Better yet, they are timeless — tax law changes or rate changes are not likely to affect the content.

The perfect complement to our standard brochures covering gift vehicles as well as our gift comparison charts.

(Download sample contents of a Cornerstone Brochure)

The Big Picture View

This gift planning tool represents a big picture view of planned giving: It clearly illustrates the importance of an endowment and the role a planned giving program plays in securing an organization’s future. It includes simple gift plan examples, as well as sample language for basic bequests.

The copy can be customized to include your organization’s specific programs and fundraising goals. Alternately, it can simply be edited to spotlight or eliminate particular gifts or programs.

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