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Viken Mikaelian

Planned Giving is “Hot” these Days

As more uncertainty rattles the markets and the economic downturn deepens, donations will dry up. Even your most consistent donors will reevaluate their charitable giving as the threat of a recession looms. And the Wall Street roller-coaster will affect stocks as well as cash.

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People helping people for good causes
Planned Giving Marketing
Mike Johnson

5 Steps to Make Charitable Giving Part of Your Estate Plan

There are good causes with plenty of people and projects in need of support as they strive to make the world a better place. You might like to consider supporting them as part of your estate plan, making a charitable donation with the wealth you leave behind. This can be a wonderful way to give something back to the world, leave a positive impression, and support a cause that matters or means something to you personally. It also feels great, which is why so many people opt to add a charitable donation to their estate plan. But how does it all work? And what’s the best way to go about it? Here’s a five-step guide to learn all about charitable giving in estate planning.

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Elderly man complaining on phone
Planned Giving Marketing
Wayne Olson

Take the Cranky Calls

We all know them. The phone rings and the caller ID shows this is a call from someone who we know will be trouble. He or she is calling to complain, and it will not be pleasant. Around the room, people suddenly get busy so they will not have to take the dreaded call. Accelerate your career by taking the call!

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Woman sitting on bench in front of a lake contemplating and dreaming
Planned Giving Marketing
Viken Mikaelian

Don’t Raise Money. Sell a Dream.

There’s something that some fundraisers don’t get that good marketers know instinctively: You’re not selling a product, gift plan, or naming rights. To paraphrase Steve

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Number 1 people
Planned Giving Marketing
Larry Raff

Major Ask Calculator

This will sound familiar. A fundraiser has a good relationship with a donor and wants to prepare to make a major gift ask. Extensive research has been collected about the donor. It includes a philanthropic capacity estimate from services like iwave and DonorSearch, and whatever else could be found online. Notes from conversations, street research from people who know the donor, and the donor’s giving history to her organization are also gathered. Despite all of the research, the fundraiser has an uneasy feeling that whatever ask amount is settled upon, it will, at best, be a guess.

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Facilitator — woman facilitating a project
Planned Giving Marketing
Caitlin Fillmore

Seven Easy Ways to Become a Better Facilitator

We have all unfortunately been there. A meeting that could have been an email. A lengthy meeting that left all attendees confused about what was accomplished. A brainstorming session where personalities derailed the discussion. What these situations all needed is an effective facilitator. Learn how to run respectful and productive gatherings with these basic facilitation tips.

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Wealth Transfer
Planned Giving Marketing
Brad Caswell

The Impact Of Waiting For The Generational Wealth Transfer

We’ve all read the breathless projections of up to $140 trillion of wealth that will be inherited by Gen X and the Millennials over the next number of years. And as professionals in philanthropy, I expect we’ve all been waiting for that transfer to begin and make the great impact on charities we’ve imagined it will. But I admit my hair is getting grayer — and disappearing — as I wait for the great reward of this promised inheritance.

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