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Planned Giving Marketing

  • 50 Milliseconds

    Listen up.

    Did you know that hearing is our fastest sense? You process heard information in 50 milliseconds.

    You process speech at the rate of 10 to 15 phonemes (that’s pieces of a word) per second. Continue reading

  • Why Jews Give

    Two Hebrew phrases help explain why Jewish giving is so high.

    by Jim Friedman

    Two women pass a beggar on the street. Both women have the exact same income and expenses. The first weeps at the suffering of the beggar and gives him $5 out of the goodness of her heart. The second notices but rushes past. Later in the day, however, she feels compelled because of her religious beliefs and returns to give the beggar $100. Who is the better person?

    Continue reading

  • Ask Bigger & Ask Oftener

    A note from PlannedGiving.com CEO and Founder, Viken Mikaelian

    I sometimes eat breakfast at a little neighborhood mom-and-pop coffee shop near my home. On the counter next to the cash register are three containers for spare change donations--one for Kiwanis, one for an organization for the blind, one for disabled veterans. Continue reading

  • Hey, Fundraisers: What Bothers You?

    Results from our latest survey.

    It seems many fundraisers have some issues when it comes to relationships with their prospects. Take a look at the chart below.


    Over 50% of fundraisers who responded to our survey said they have difficulty dealing with prospects when it comes to differences in political outlook, and 25% said they have difficulty when it comes to wealth. Continue reading

  • How to Acknowledge an IRA Rollover Gift

    By Camilyn Leone, JD

    "Your website has been very helpful regarding the late IRA RMD decision. What should non-profits reflect on their donors' gift receipts since these gifts are not tax deductible?  Thank you."

    Continue reading

  • IRA Rollover / 2014

    To All Of Our Valued Clients and Friends:

    The IRA Rollover extension goes until December 31, 2014, which leaves little time for you or your donors to act. Continue reading

  • IRA Rollover: Sample Email to Send to Prospects

    Since you do not have much time, plus the fact that you are competing with the holidays, here are two things you can do immediately regarding the IRA Rollover:

    • Send an email to your best prospects.
    • Pick up the phone and call those who have given such a gift in the past.

    Continue reading

  • Get Off the IRA Rollover Roller Coaster

    The IRA Charitable Rollover is now law. Here's a sample letter or email you can send to your prospects. And here's a sample letter of instruction (MS Word, download) for your convenience.

    Just like last year, anyone above age 70 and a half may transfer up to $100,000 from their IRA, tax-free, to any qualified non-profit. Continue reading

  • We Get Complaints

    Four people complained about a recent webinar topic, and I couldn’t be happier.

    Why would I be happy about complaints, you ask? Here’s why:

    A fundraising consultant named Tom Ahern has said: “If you send out 10,000 newsletters and do not receive 100 complaints, that means you are not getting heard.” Continue reading

  • The 2014 IRA Rollover

    It will be passed in 4 hours, 37 minutes, and 21 seconds.

    As stupid as this sounds, this is what most pundits are sounding like in the planned giving world we live in.

    Instead of ruminating ourselves, we’ve decided all of us can take a better course of action. Excuse the pun, but it’s called “take action” and contact your senator as we've outlined below.

    Continue reading

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