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How to Market Legacy Gifts

Planned Giving — also called legacy giving — is a key component of a mature development cycle. A legacy giving program creates a sense of confidence in your organization, and it helps establish trust. It shows donors and prospects that you are forward-thinking, financially savvy, and serious about your mission.

Without a legacy giving program, you can still raise cash — but concentrating only on cash giving creates a stressful cycle of ups-and-downs. Donors feel pressured when they’re subjected to frequent fundraising campaigns. They wonder if the organization they’re supporting is financially responsible. And they’re much less likely to make a life-long commitment to your organization. 

On the other hand, studies have shown that a legacy giving program actually encourages more annual gifts. Donors want to know that their contributions to your mission matter, that you know they are the center of your giving mission, and that there is philanthropic aspiration, for them and for you, for generations to come.

And now is the perfect time to start a program, because legacy giving is “hot” these days. Why?

  • The Great Wealth Transfer
  • Retirement plans are bursting
  • Assets are at historical highs
  • The aging of America
  • The Pandemic

Viken Mikaelian will show you how to get your organization’s message across and motivate your constituency to give. He will touch on the practical aspects of marketing your program online, in print, and face-to-face. And best of all, he’s a high-energy, engaging speaker who cuts through industry jargon and makes legacy giving simple. His talks are so popular, he’s presented at more than 400 events over the last 10 years.

Considered a thought leader in philanthropy, Viken was the first to bring legacy giving to the internet in 1999. “Planned giving is a people business,” he says. “If you love people, you’ll raise more money than you ever thought possible.”

A legacy giving program establishes legitimacy, trust and authority. Schedule Viken Mikaelian for your group today.


What’s Covered

Not pursuing planned gifts is about as sensible as the decision by the Titanic’s captain to ignore those warnings about icebergs. Nonprofits are just as prone to going under as that “unsinkable” ship — and planned gifts can be a veritable lifeboat when the waters get rough.

Make sure to watch the video below in the full-screen mode.

In this presentation, the audience will learn:

  • Proven direct-mail strategies
  • Masterful marketing
  • Newsletter secrets
  • The power of press releases
  • The incredible advisor connection
  • Insider tips for effective language, images

Free Resources:

  • Social media snippets ($149 value)
  • Planned Giving Pocket Guide for Major Gifts Officers ($29 value)*
  • Gifts Comparison Chart
  • Sample letters
  • Planned giving audio files

*Offered to those who voluntarily provide their US Mailing address (link will be provided during presentation).

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$2,500 for online presentations

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