Planned Giving Websites

Seven Reasons Why Ours Are Different

Planned giving is a people business, not a legal business.

So why would you want a planned giving website built for an attorney?

We established the 7 critical components of a successful planned giving website years ago — way back in 1999.

And while our technology has grown and evolved with the digital age, those components — our pillars — have remained the same.

The 7 pillars of a successful planned giving website are:

  1. Purpose & Clarity: Does it have a direction?
  2. Usability: Impatient visitors are quick to leave.
  3. Donor-Focused: Is the content donor-friendly and appealing, or is it what you “think” it should be?
  4. Navigation: Is it intuitive? Does it include internal, context-sensitive links?
  5. Appearance: Is it professional? Does it accurately portray your brand?
  6. Ease of Updates: Can critical information be added, or changes made quickly?
  7. SEO & Analytics: Is it hosted on a domain with built-in SEO, like our own Is the meta information configured and customized to your organization to maximize success?

Each component, or pillar, is related to and directly integrated with the next. Together, they form a framework that supports and powers every planned giving website we build.

What makes our approach so different—and successful?  It’s our philosophy that a marketing mindset, not a legal mindset, gets the public’s attention.

That’s not to say attorneys aren’t important. They handle all back-office operations — the details that make it work. But when was the last time you read a legal ruling or corporate balance sheet for fun?

Our sites are also built for the LegacyPlanner™ and LegacyOrganizer™. These integrated tools help you reach and inspire the 68% of Americans who do not have an estate plan, allowing them to get organized for a visit to an estate attorney, or create a free will online.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call and get started today.

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