Operations and Stewardship

Back Office Planned Giving Toolkit


Over $34,000 content

Everything you need to systematically formalize your program and build donor relationships.

Loaded with tips and tricks; step-by-step instructions; professional advice; customizable forms; marketing materials; artwork templates, thank you letters and much more.

Provides clarity and purpose to strengthen relationships and outcomes.

  • Over 30 MS Word Documents and templates
  • Ultimate Quick Reference Planned Giving Pocket Guide (3 copies)
  • Pocket Guide for Board (10 copies)
  • Pocket Guide for Major Gifts Officers
  • One Year Free Subscription to Giving Tomorrow Magazine

Operations Component

The Back Office Operations component features simple, manageable, step-by-step tools and know-how to create an effective and “formal” back office to support your planned giving program.

We’ll show you how to determine if your mission is appropriate for long-term success; illustrate how endowments advance your mission; engage your board and senior leadership to ensure their investment in your planned giving program; develop planned giving best practices; and much more.

Stewardship Component

The Stewardship component includes everything you need to systematically build donor relationships, including tools, tips and templates.

  • Create a Planned Giving Prospect List
  • Understand Basic Planned Giving Tools
  • Identify Events That Prompt Opportunities
  • Single Out Key Planned Giving Prospects
  • Understand Generational Cohorts
  • Develop A Prospect Profile
  • Approach The Qualified Prospect
  • Start The Conversation
  • Steward Your Donors
  • Build Your Career In Gift Planning


Everything you need to start and maintain planned giving operations, including instructions and tips to:

  • Evaluate Your Mission
  • Readiness Questionnaire
  • Planned Giving Committee Memorandum
  • Planned Giving Activity Tracker
  • Sample Internal Case
  • Internal Case Template
  • Planned Giving Leadership Questionnaire
  • Get Your Board on Board
  • Create Your Program’s Infrastructure
  • Count and Value Gifts
  • Gift Counting and Recognition Policy Summary
  • Create Gift Acceptance Policies (Template Included)
  • Binding Gift Agreement Template
  • Non Binding Statement of Intent Template
  • Binding Estate Gift Agreement Template
  • Estate Administration Procedures Template
  • Estate Administration Template Documents
  • Typical Gift Annuity Illustration (plug in your numbers)
  • Current Model Standards of Practice
  • Planned Giving Operating Plan Template
  • Planned Giving Operational Timeline Template
  • Planned Giving Activity Tracking Evaluation Report
  • Developing a Name, Brand and Story
  • Identifying Prospects
  • Creating Wills, Retirement Plans, Life Insurance Designations
  • Understanding Generational Cohorts
  • Significant Events and Life Transitions
  • Approaching the Qualified Prospect (Step-by-Step)
  • Making the Ask
  • Developing A Legacy Society
  • Holding and Managing Events
  • What to Distribute at Events
  • Determining Membership Criteria And Benefits
  • And Much More!


  • Ways-of-Giving brochure
  • Bequest Brochure
  • 75 Social Media Posts
  • Bequest Postcard
  • 8 Newsletter Filler Articles
  • Trusts 101 Brochure
  • Gift Plan “Sell Sheets” with Diagrams
  • IRA Rollover Toolkit

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