Planned Giving Survival Kit

Daily Must-Have Tools


Over $21,500 worth of content

Every development shop must have these simple tools in its desk drawer ... whether they are serious about planned gifts or not.

Over 90% of all correspondence is routine or transactional. Hidden in this correspondence are planned giving opportunities. Our Planned Giving Survival Kit gives you the immediate tools you need to “touch prospects.” That is… your future donors.

The Survival Kit is not a complete back-office solution. But it’s a good place to begin. It’s a valuable set of tools for the fundraising executive who is too busy to pursue planned gifts, and knows he or she has to sometime in the near future.

Planned giving is good for your career and for your nonprofit. This is the set of tools you need to begin.

Most documents are in Adobe InDesign

"Touch" Brochures

Informational handy “touch” pieces. Customize as you wish. All in Adobe InDesign. Format: 4 x 9 to fit into a #10 envelope.

  • 8 Tax Tips Charitable Donations
  • 12 Simple Steps to Creating an Estate Plan
  • How to Create an Estate Plan
  • Save Your Estate Probate Expenses
  • The Philanthropists Guide
  • Top 7 Estate Planning Mistakes
  • Life Insurance Estate Planning Tool
  • Wise Women Estate Planning
  • Essential Steps for Setting Up a Trust
  • Choosing an Estate Planning Attorney

Brochure Templates

  • Ways-of-Giving
  • Bequest
  • Retirement Plans (IRA, QCD)

QCD Promotional

  • QCD In-House Tools
  • Includes language you can use
  • Cheat Sheet

Gift Plan "Sell Sheets"

A visual summary on how giving vehicles work.

  • Mail with a note
  • Use them in the back of your brochures
  • Mail-stuffers
  • Handouts
  • Full description

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