Discover the Benefits of Giving Wisely

Join Our Family and Become Part of St. Joseph’s Legacy

You Don’t Have to be Rich to be Generous

Have you ever wanted to make a significant gift to support our mission, but  something was holding you back? Perhaps you were nervous about world events; or the long-term lackluster economy; or the Wall Street rollercoaster.

Lots of things can seem to get in the way even when you really want to make a real difference for {SHORT NAME} and the people we serve.

Well, here’s some good news for a change. Your legacy to {SHORT NAME} doesn’t have to wait somewhere over the rainbow.  You can make a real difference and it’s easy. You can  demonstrate the passion and commitment you share in our mission and vision, and the good work we want to continue far into the future.

Gifts Anyone Can Make

The {SHORT NAME} offers a variety of gift types that enable you to leave a  meaningful legacy to secure our future while building a more secure financial future for yourself. Imagine:

  • You can make a bigger difference by not giving cash.
  • You can make a gift to {SHORT NAME} right now that costs you nothing during your lifetime.
  • You can reduce your estate tax exposure, eliminate capital gains, and pass more of your assets to your heirs by making a donation to us.
  • You can even make a gift that pays you an income.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. The advantages of planned giving for you and for {SHORT NAME} are real. And that means you can demonstrate what you believe in, show your support for the traditions and values we preserve, and join us in  continuing our work for generations to come.


Planned gifts make it possible. Your generosity can make it happen.

Real estate makes a real great gift. When you deed property to {SHORT NAME}, you receive an income tax charitable deduction for the value of the contribution. Plus, you can elect to make an outright donation, or use the value to fund a gift that pays you income. Either way, you make a generous gift to {NICK NAME} and those we serve.

No-Hassle Giving the No-Hassle Way

Your legacy to {SHORT NAME} doesn’t have to wait somewhere over the rainbow. Leaving your mark can be as easy as adding a one-page amendment (“codicil”) to your existing will, designating us as a beneficiary of your estate.

Or perhaps you have a paid up insurance policy hiding in the back of your desk drawer? Or a collection of antiques that has grown in value over the years? How about a piece of real estate you’re sick of maintaining and would like to convert into a philanthropic gift?

These are just a few examples. Planned giving means more and better possibilities  for making a gift to support {SHORT NAME} and the work we do.

Here’s another gift to us that pays you income. You transfer assets to a trust, and the trust pays a fixed or variable income to you and other beneficiaries you designate. Payments can be for life, or a term of up to twenty years, and when the trust terminates, the assets go to {SHORT NAME}. Your advisor can tell you more.


You can find out more by reading through the descriptive list of some of the most  appealing gift plans on this page.