Discover the Benefits of Giving Wisely

With Gifts Anyone Can Make

Below are popular gift plans that do not affect one’s cashflow. Easy to give, and easy to receive. help us do what we do today, even better, for generations to come.


A bequest – a gift made through your will or living trust – can be the easiest gift to make because it costs you nothing during your lifetime. Plus, it’s “revocable,” so you update or change it if circumstances change. If you already have a will or living trust, you can amend it to include a bequest to {FORMAL NAME} with a simple codicil. (We can provide you with sample bequest and codicil language.)

Beneficiary Designation

If you have set up a retirement plan, insurance policy, bank, and/or brokerage account, chances are you’ve completed beneficiary designation form to specify who will benefit and what percentage you’d like each to have. In addition to naming individuals, you can also name charities. So you can make a generous gift to {SHORT NAME} from any of these assets by simply updating that form.

Gifts of Real Estate

Real estate makes a real great gift. When you deed property to {SHORT NAME}, you receive an income tax charitable deduction for the value of the contribution. Plus, you can elect to make an outright donation, or use the value to fund a gift that pays you income. Either way, you make a generous gift to {NICK NAME} and those we serve.

Retained Life Estate

With this gift, you transfer the deed to your property to {NICK NAME}, and retain the right to use or live in the property for your lifetime. The tax deduction you receive in the year of the transfer is based on your life expectancy and the property’s current value, and you agree to cover expenses and maintenance of the property during your lifetime.

Charitable Bargain Sale

You sell your property to {SHORT NAME} for an amount less than the fair market value, and you receive a charitable tax deduction equal to the difference between the market value and the sale price. This can sometimes be more financially advantageous to you than selling the property and making an outright charitable gift to us from the proceeds of the sale.

Gifts of Personal Property

You can make a significant gift by transferring a painting, antiques, collectibles – any “appreciated stuff” – to {SHORT NAME}. In return, you receive an immediate income tax deduction, and pay no capital gains on the appreciation. We can either hold the property, display it, or sell it and apply the proceeds to the purpose you choose.

Additional Ways to Give

Charitable Gift Annuity

You can give and get! In a Charitable Gift Annuity, you and {SHORT NAME} agree to exchange your irrevocable transfer of cash or securities to us for a fixed income payment to you for life. The gift also entitles you to an immediate charitable income tax deduction. At the end of its term, the annuity balance comes to us to support our mission. No wonder the Charitable Gift Annuity is one of the most popular of all planned gifts.

Charitable Remainder Trust

Here’s another gift to us that pays you income. You transfer assets to a trust, and the trust pays a fixed or variable income to you and other beneficiaries you designate. Payments can be for life, or a term of up to twenty years, and when the trust terminates, the assets go to {SHORT NAME}. Your advisor can tell you more.

Charitable Lead Trust

A Charitable Lead Trust works like a Charitable Remainder Trust in reverse. When you make the gift, the trust pays income to {SHORT NAME} first, typically for a term of years. After that, the trust assets are passed back to you or other family members you designate.

Want to Learn More?

It’s easy. Contact {SHORT NAME}. We can walk you through any of these gift opportunities in more detail. We can even prepare sample gift illustrations customized to your goals and assets (with no obligation) so you can see how a specific gift would work in your situation. Call us today.