Empowering Career Thoughts

Empowering Thoughts

I do not recall where I collected this information, but I just found it in the “back of my drawer.” Good motivation to start off the week.

  • Nothing is anything until you make it something until it becomes what you make it. And you assign it meaning. So be careful what you think about.
  • There is only your reality and it is personal.
  • What you see, plus the meaning you give it, is what you get.
  • Know thyself. (Socrates)
  • Unless you are enlightened, your life is based on problems and fear.
  • If one does not find a problem, it creates one.
  • People have a problem-based mind. It gets bored if there is not one.
  • If you’re not managing your mind your mind will manage you.
  • Conquer yourself and the universe is yours.
  • Big problems become small problems as you become big yourself. (Critical thought on your journey to becoming a CEO.)
  • Tame your mind or it will tame you. Mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master. Over 95% of population are subservient to their minds. And when the mind takes over, they do not even know it. Or perhaps it’s too late.
  • Place this degree after your name: WIT (Whatever It Takes)

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