Consultants Add Value to Planned Giving

Help Your Clients Grow

As a consultant you have an opportunity to improve your consulting practice by leveraging our proprietary content to help your clients grow. They need your help with The Box.

Demand for Planned Gifts is at an All-Time High

This is where our product, Planned Giving in a Box™, can address a significant marketplace need (i.e., nonprofits’ time constraints and/or expertise).

Nonprofits Need Your Help

The good news? Our team at created Planned Giving in a Box™ that gives your clients a powerful strategic advantage. It’s specifically designed for:

  • Beginning a new planned giving program.
  • Strengthening / formalizing an existing program.
  • Putting the “house in order.”

Planned Giving in a Box™ contains everything you and your clients need: Tips and tricks, step-by-step instructions, professional advice, customizable forms, marketing materials, artwork templates, thank-you letters, a planned giving website, and much more. It’s a turnkey product that will help any organization grow.

How Does It Work?

A nonprofit (or your client) purchases The Box, and you help them implement it at your hourly rate. It’s that simple.

Our program establishes you as a coach to follow the instructions in The Box. Since everything is already “in the box,” you and your client will save time to focus on more important strategic matters instead of writing content, which in itself is tactical and not strategic.

Over 2,000 hours have been invested in the development of this legally-vetted product, with collaboration from lawyers, estate planners, graphic designers, and marketing experts. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind product that will drive results and help your clients find clarity of purpose, build relationships, and start attracting game-changing gifts.

Useful Links

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Planned Giving Wiki

This is the definitive resource for professional gift planners. It covers all of the relevant information you’ll ever need as far as technical details go.

Planned Giving Pocket Guide for Professional Gift Planners

This is the insider’s guide to what planned gifts can do for your donors and for your organization. It’s a “whys-of-giving guide” that explains the upsides and downsides of different giving options. Use the The Guide to gain more satisfied donors and achieve better results.