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Words area great for explaining details. And we have the most donor-centric content on planned gifts on this planet.

But for a solid marketing medium, you need to utilize “video and audio planned giving” on your giving or donate pages to get your message across to your donors and prospects. And, having audio with music in the background makes it even easier. Studies show audio is better than text alone, and audio with music is even more so. We know this for fact.

Yes, an audio message is absorbed faster than text on a screen. As to video? It’s even much faster.

Good News

We’re now giving our audio files away for free (sorry – but we can’t give away video files as they are quite expensive to produce; purchase them here). This helps us (it’s called promotion) and it helps you, as an average audio file takes weeks and about $2,250 to produce. Of course, these files work best when integrated with one of our planned giving websites if you are a client. If you do not wish to use them on your website, use them for presentations, board meetings, and donor visits with your iPad.

You have 4 voices:

  1. Debbie
  2. Gayle
  3. Keith
  4. Roger

Each comes as:

  1. Voice only
  2. Classical Background
  3. Jazz Background

Samples (Keith)

You will need to cite PlannedGiving.Com as the source on your giving pages. Considering that all gift plans (12 of them) are worth well over $20,000, we consider this a requirement.

You also need to be an institutional account, which you can confirm with this form. This includes nonprofits, law firms, consultants, CPAs, and those serving the nonprofit sector. If you are a competing vendor, that’s fine too. Please fill out the form and we will contact you with instructions on how to obtain the gift planning audio files and embed them on your existing giving pages within your website. It’s real simple for anyone in your marketing department or IT to do it. Better yet: Get one of our planned giving websites and we’ll do it for free. This will even include a free video on bequests.

Kindly request your planned giving audio files here.

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