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There Is Money Out There.

Viken Mikaelian
Planned giving is a people business. If you love people you'll raise more money than you've ever imagined.

My incantation before I speak:
I now command my subconscious mind to direct me to speak from the heart with passion, power, persuasion, conviction, humor and strength to get my audience in the fundraising world, who I love and respect, to take action now and to change their lives and the lives of others forever.

A "Viken seminar" is not your standard planned giving snoozefest. Practical, compelling, and painfully honest, Viken's high-energy presentation motivates your participants to take real-world action steps. Your members will leave invigorated and armed with practical ideas they can use immediately to close more and larger gifts. Considering that the typical planned gift is 200-300 times a donor's largest annual gift, all fundraisers, including well-seasoned gift planners, have a lot to gain from this presentation.

Viken Mikaelian was the first to bring planned giving to the Internet back in 1999. Since then, his firm has helped over 1,200 non-profits get their planned giving programs online and to successfully implement multi-channel marketing to promote planned gifts.

It's easy and oh-so profitable to go after "gifts anyone can make." Viken will tell you how.

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There Is Money Out There!

You Don't Have to Learn Armenian to "Get" Planned Giving.

What Your Peers Are Saying

  • "Attendees left with a sense of purpose and a very practical approach to starting, managing or refreshing a planned giving program."
  • "Best workshop at the conference."
  • "Appreciated the humor."
  • "Great common sense stuff."
  • "Best session I have attended at this conference."
  • "Viken makes sense."
  • "Practical advice you can use today. Exactly as advertised."

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