Thanksgiving Planned Giving Content

Savvy fundraisers know that saying “thank you” is a crucial element of donor stewardship. And as holidays go, there’s really none better than “Thanksgiving” to show supporters your gratitude!

Develop an “attitude of gratitude,” and say it with emails; postcards; on your blog; in your Newslet, and in social media posts. Say it loud, say it proud, and say it often. Create a multi-channel campaign around being thankful for your supporters using a combination of our free and paid Thanksgiving-themed materials.

Saying “thanks” not only shows supporters that you value and appreciate them, it’s an important part of stewardship that also keeps your organization top of mind—an important marketing concept in itself. When donors feel valued, they’re more likely to become repeat donors.

This Thanksgiving, make a commitment to thanking your supporters. It’s not just the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing.

Your Next Steps

  1. Review the marketing content in our Outreach Section to determine what fits your organization’s marketing strategy best. We encourage you to have 2-3 touchpoints at a minimum. You can pick all emails, all social media posts, or adopt a hybrid approach. Concentrate your messaging where your supporters respond the best.
  2. Schedule your content to go out between October and erly November.
  3. If you need graphics or brochures customized or would like to map out your game-plan, feel free to schedule a time with us.
  4. Keep in mind that all of the planned giving content we’re providing can be adapted to any medium. You could even create your own print campaign (but we could create one with you that’s even more effective!). 

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