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Year-End Giving Marketing

12% of all giving happens in the last 3 days of the year… that’s a 1200% per day difference

About 31% of cash giving occurs in December

52% of nonprofits begin planning their year-end appeal in October

November and December are popular for year-end asks; but the smart nonprofits begin in August

Giving Season is Here!

The last three months of the year nonprofits enjoy a huge uptick in donations. And according to studies by Network for Good, 12% of all giving happens in the last three days of the year.

Which means (gasp!) Giving Tuesday is not the biggest giving day of the year — but it does kick off the biggest giving season.

Don’t Get Caught Playing Catch-Up

Be prepared with an effective, multi-channel end-of-year campaign that will drive even more donations to your door. By using a combination of direct mail, social media, and digital outreach materials over the last three months of the year, you can be sure to get your supporters’ attention (and grow your endowment).

Because we’re committed to your success, we’ve prepared a number of free (for clients) and paid marketing materials you can use to craft a highly effective marketing campaign. From e-blasts to social media posts, postcards to appeal letters, we have a little bit of everything to help you build your marketing machine from the ground up.

Remember to measure and analyze web traffic and direct-mail rates for your campaign, so that you can fine-tune it even more for next year.

And of course, don’t forget to send out follow-up thank-you letters in January! All this can be found in our Year-End Outreach.

Helpful dates for donors regarding year-end tax planning:
  • In-Person gift delivery must be received by December 31
  • Gifts sent by the U.S. Postal Service must be postmarked by December 31
  • Gifts sent via FedEx, UPS, DHL etc. must be received by December 31
  • Gifts made via credit card must be processed and approved by the credit card issuer by December 31
Remember to:
  • Thank donors for past support
  • Mention your mission
  • Remind them year-end is the “last” tax break
  • Let them know you’re here to stay … far into the future
  • Cover ways to give

Your Next Steps

Countdown for Year-End. Begin Your Marketing Today.

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Your Next Steps

  1. Review the marketing content in our Outreach Section (free for clients) to determine what fits your organization’s marketing strategy best. We encourage you to have 2-3 touchpoints at a minimum, but for best results, more is better. Assemble a combination of digital and print materials, but concentrate your messaging where your supporters respond the best.
  2. Schedule your content to go out between October 1 – December 5.
  3. If you need graphics or brochures customized or would like to map out your customized game-plan, feel free to schedule a time with us.
  4. Keep in mind that all of the planned giving content we’re providing can be adapted or “retooled” to any medium. You could even create your own print campaign (but we could create one with you that’s even more effective!).

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