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The Multi-Channel Newsletter

Like a booklet, a Newslet is just that — a smaller, practical, and digestible stewardship piece. In short, it’s a “mini newsletter.”

Unlike traditional planned giving newsletters that are challenging and expensive to implement, the Newslet addresses your need to deliver a themed message in an elegant and expeditious manner. It’s quicker and less time consuming to produce, too. This means a higher return on investment.

The Newslet is the perfect replacement for the traditional elaborate planned giving newsletter.

The Newslet™. Designed for Impact.

Just like our postcards, Planned Giving Newslets make it easy to follow industry marketing norms:

Marketing 101: More varying marketing media, the better.

Headlines that “sell:” We write to create emotion and build trust.

Consistent theme: The reader always knows where to focus.

In simple, plain English: Perfect for the “sophisticated” donor, and easy to understand for those who are less versed about planned giving.

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Electronic (e-zine) available.

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