Planned Giving Newslet

The Multi-Channel Newsletter

Like a booklet, a Newslet is just that — a smaller, practical, and digestible stewardship piece. In short, it’s a “mini newsletter.”

Unlike traditional planned giving newsletters that are challenging to implement, the Newslet addresses your need to deliver your message in an elegant and expeditious manner. It’s quicker and less time consuming to produce, too. Plus, its feature story can lead the reader to an optional landing page which in turn leads him or her to other areas of your planned giving website.

The Newslet is the perfect replacement for the traditional planned giving newsletter.

The Newslet™. Designed for Impact.

Just like our postcards, Planned Giving Newslets make it easy to follow industry marketing norms:

Marketing 101: More varying marketing media, the better.

Headlines that “sell:” We write to create emotion and build trust.

Consistent theme: The reader always knows where to focus.

In simple, plain English: Perfect for the “sophisticated” donor, and easy to understand for those who are less versed about planned giving.

Print Format

Electronic version available as an e-zine. Please inquire.

Typical Content

10 Reasons Why You Should Donate Your Retirement Plan

10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a DAF

10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Gifting Your Life Insurance Policy

10 Ways You Can Make a Planned Gift

10 Reasons To Make A Gift From Your Will

5 Reasons to Consider a Bequest