Planned Giving Display Ads

A Huge Return on Investment.

Planned Giving Display Ads are a critical component of your multi-channel and lead generation planned giving marketing plan.

Display ads can vividly project your brand and messaging — passion, mission, images, donor stories — in institutional newsletters, magazines, quarterly reports, newspapers, you name it. You can place them in any print or online medium that your prospects read, including billboards!

Best of all, they’re yours to use for however long you want — weeks, months or years (and they are free to insert in your own publications — unless you’re charging yourself for ad space!).

Display ads can:

Anatomy of a Display Ad

Display ads are not easy to develop. This one example (PDF download) will show you what’s involved.

(Clicking on image downloads PDF)

We Have the Language Your Donors Hear

We develop your emotionally-driven print ads with the thoughtful, coordinated approach we bring to all of your marketing and lead generation. From ad conception and design to copywriting and production, we ensure consistency with your other messaging as well as integration across multiple marketing channels.

Display ads work hand-in-hand with your planned giving website and postcards, reinforcing your message. 

Great display ads have great messaging along with powerful visuals