Here are two simple brochures you need to gear up for 2021

Attractively designed and printed in 4-colors.

Choosing an Estate Planning Attorney: 12 Tips

Six out of every ten American adults lack a will, putting their estates (and their families) at risk. Many say it’s because they don’t know how to pick the right attorney. This brochure will help guide them. Branded with your logo, photos, and contact information.

Five reasons you need it:

  • It’s a useful leave-behind
  • It makes a perfect handout for board members to share with friends
  • It adds a critical item to your Legacy Society tool bucket
  • It can be offered as a favor to donors
  • It’s another touch that can be used to expand your brand

Bequests (90% of All Planned Gifts)

Bequests are easy to market, easy to give, easy to receive — and if you’re not using them to reach donors, the nonprofit next door is. Anyone remembering you in their estate plans is, in a way, making you part of their family. That’s why cash giving goes up after a bequest is made.

This critical bread-and-butter piece features:

  • “How it works” graphic illustration
  • Descriptive language and how it doesn’t affect cash flow
  • Bequest language
  • Your photos
  • Your logo and contact information


Before you call, this is what we’ll need from you:
Formal name of organization, logo, 4 images/photos, contact details that go on the brochure.

Order both brochures and receive a 12% discount.