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Module II: Back Office Operations



Back Office Operations (Module II of Planned Giving in a Box) features simple, manageable, step-by-step tools and know-how to create an effective and “formal” back office to support your planned giving program. We’ll show you how to determine if your mission is appropriate for long-term success; illustrate how endowments advance your mission; engage your board and senior leadership to ensure their investment in your planned giving program; develop planned giving best practices; and much more. WHO IT’S FOR

Back Office Operations is perfect for the shop that wants to start a new planned giving program, or for updating an existing planned giving program to raise planned gifts more efficiently and more effectively.

How Ready Are You for Planned Giving?

Take the test and then come back to this page. WHAT’S IN IT Everything you need to start and maintain planned giving operations, including instructions and tips to:

  • Evaluate Your Mission
  • Get Your Board on Board
  • Create Your Program’s Infrastructure
  • Count and Value Gifts
  • Create Gift Acceptance Policies
  • And much more!


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Module II

(Back Office Operations)

(Building Donor Relationships)

The Estate Planning Toolkit and Gift Vehicle “Sell Sheets” are now included with The Box

Summary of Module II (PDF) and list of all the forms you need for back office operations.
Planned Giving in a Box® makes it simple.

Why do many planned giving programs fail to produce results?
Because organizations jump directly to complex gift vehicles without putting their own house in order.
It is a crucial and easily-overlooked step that helps ensure long-term success.
Viken Mikaelian, CEO/PlannedGiving.Com • Brian Sagrestano, JD, CFRE • Meredith Sossman, Esq, CFRE • Camilyn Leone, JD, CFRE

Michael Kateman, Columbia College