Planned Giving for the Diocese and Archdiocese

Go Beyond the Collection Plate

Believe it or not, you have always had the potential for a powerful, endowment-building planned giving program.

In fact, Harvard would love what your church has: a captive audience. But it’s an audience that’s been neglected on matters of Planned and Legacy Gifts. You meet with them every Sunday, but leave valuable opportunities untapped. Meanwhile, your parishioners follow “the story of Bob”: They’re content to pass the plate and faithfully toss in a few dollars, but rarely go beyond annual Sunday giving. 

Why the disconnect? Simply put, parish officials often lack the energy to pursue planned and major gifts. Many are hesitant because they’re unfamiliar with the territory — after all, most professional fundraisers have extensive training. Some parish officials even worry that working with the Diocese or Archdiocese would result in a large share of these gifts leaving the parish. But the fact is, the shepherding governance and stewardship of the Diocese/Archdiocese would result in even more realized gifts — and a rising tide lifts all boats.

Education and Marketing Are Key

The key to unlocking your planned giving potential can be found in education and marketing. The good news is, we can help with both — and we’ll make it simple enough for a layman to understand.

“Marketing” is the word every Church leader dreads. But your parishioners are waiting to hear from the pulpit to leave a legacy. They are your acres of diamonds. We have the solutions and expertise to help you reach out and help all your churches, schools, and affiliated organizations to close more and larger gifts.

This is a historic moment for the Catholic Church, and it offers an unprecedented opportunity for growth and financial stability, but it’s not eternal. The best time to start a planned and major gifts program was 25 years ago. The second-best time is now. The longer you delay, the more gifts you miss out on. If you’re waiting for a sign, this is it!

Estate planning booklets included for free with over 50 Christian themed covers and editable content.

Jordan Cassidy, Planned Giving Specialist

Jordan Cassidy
Planned Giving Specialist

If you’re ready for the gifting source that goes beyond the collection plate, I invite you to get in touch today. There could not be a better time for planned giving.

Here’s my appointment pageI look forward to meeting soon.

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