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Inspirational Estate Planning Guide for Catholics

Where There’s No Will, There’s No Way

Did you know the average bequest is $80,000? And that more than 90% of bequests to Catholic organizations come via wills?

Yet at least 68% of Americans do not even have a will, or any kind of estate plan. Not only are they putting their families at risk, they’re squandering an opportunity to cement their legacy of faith through a gift to The Church. And that means you’re missing out on potentially transformational gifts every day, and your donors are missing out on their pinnacle philanthropic opportunity.

That’s why you need our Estate Planning Guide for Catholics on your planned giving website’s bequest page.

The Estate Planning Guide for Catholics is an essential planned giving tool for those with faith. It makes it simple for your supporters to begin the will-planning process, with step-by-step instructions, tips, and helpful hints. It shows them how they can shape their own legacy while providing for their loved ones. And it generates donor engagement and helps to facilitate planned gifts. Not only that – research demonstrates that planned giving donors maintain and increase their annual giving.

What Have You Been Missing?

Parishes, Catholic schools and service agencies across the country are missing out, because they’re not connecting with their constituency’s needs (despite having a captive audience present every Sunday morning).

This inspirational estate planning guide can fix that by helping you reach your flock with information that they value and can’t get anywhere else (especially when you pair it with an online free-will planner.)

Help your parishioners by gently reminding them that establishing an estate plan early on and readjusting it as needed throughout one’s lifetime can help them prepare for the future, protect their family, and leave a legacy of love worthy of their Catholic faith.

They’ll learn about different ways to extend their legacy for generations to come, such as through a bequest — the most popular planned gift, and the easiest to give. And they’ll learn about other tax-wise giving strategies that can maximize the power of their philanthropy while also benefitting their loved ones.

Plus, an estate plan is critical if your parish wants to benefit from The Generational Wealth Transfer—a fundraising game changer for the Catholic community. According to the late Robert Sharpe, it’s the “golden age for philanthropy.”

Still Not Convinced?

Check out the Story of Bob, R.I.P.  Do you want it to become your donors’ story, too? If you don’t ask, they won’t give. And if you don’t make it easy to give, your supporters will turn to someone else who will.

Your Catholic community puts their trust in the Church to keep their families safe, both spiritually and here on earth. Give them the tools they need to bring them comfort, security, and fulfillment of their Catholic legacy. 

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Content Outline

Bequests: Easy to Give, Easy to Receive

Take the fear out of estate planning by educating your donors how to write a will, plan a bequest, and make other long-term arrangements that aligns with their faith and meets their personal goals with this simple Estate Planning Toolkit.

With these facts in mind, you can’t afford not to pursue bequests.

Bequests: Increases Annual Giving

That’s your upside which should not be ignored. This handy guide is an “ice-breaker” to reach this fertile audience.

This lead generation tool educates your donors that it’s more than just about giving to your organization… it’s about investing in their legacy.

Content Outline
How We Developed the Estate Planing Guide
  • We reviewed products from all vendors and concluded they were long, complicated and outdated. Even though we know planned giving, we felt like we were being led down a labyrinth. Imagine the poor prospect!
  • We researched estate planning materials put out by major financial institutions such as banks and investment firms.
  • We researched other estate planning tools online.
  • We concluded there was a gap in all the products. No one is producing a simple estate planning guide with an emphasis on charitable planning.
  • Our marketing writer wrote the content, an attorney reviewed it, and our graphic designer made it look outstanding.
  • We combined the best of the best, kept things simple, and emphasized charitable planned gifts (after all, you’re a nonprofit not a financial planner). The result: a practical tool that doesn’t make the donor feel they are in law school with superfluous content and quizzes to take.
  • Finally, we also developed an Estate Planning Guide specifically targeted to Women to augment our vast library.

Save time. No need for endless meetings to “personalize” your Estate Planning Guide. We have it down to a science.

You may wish to edit the language in this booklet, but that’s defeating the purpose. We’ve done the work so you don’t have to. To personalize it, use whatever cover you wish, including your own photos, and the introduction. We also have a ton of gorgeous stock imagery at your disposal.

Deliverables include a beautifully designed  PDF of this booklet which you can forward to donors on an as-needed basis, or post on your planned giving website.  We can provide printing services if desired.

You will be very proud to distribute your customized Estate Planning Guide for Catholics.

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