A Guaranteed "paycheck" for life? What's not to like?

Donors love gift annuities!

A charitable gift annuity, or CGA, is a popular planned gift vehicle in which the donor transfers a sizeable and irrevocable gift of cash, securities or other assets to a nonprofit in exchange for a fixed income payment for life. Payments can be made to the donor, the donor’s spouse, or another beneficiary of the donor’s choosing. What’s more, this gift plan entitles the donor to an immediate charitable income tax deduction. A portion of the payments may be tax-free as well. At the end of its term (when the donor passes away), the balance of the charitable gift annuity goes to the nonprofit to support its mission.

Charitable gift annuity rates vary between nonprofits, and are also based on several other factors, including the amount of the gift and the donor’s age at the time of the gift.

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[Note: New rates covered in this campaign toolkit.]

Our new Charitable Gift Annuity Campaign not only gets your prospects’ attention, it also makes your job easier. It is a marketing tool designed to expand your reach to donors who love the idea of receiving a “guaranteed paycheck” for life.

Campaign Contents

  • 3 direct mail postcards connecting to a landing page
  • 3 e-Broadcasts connecting to a landing page
  • A landing page embedded with a calculator
  • A beautiful video that “tells it all” (see below)
  • A branded estate planning toolkit as an “offer” on the landing page
  • Advanced analytics
  • Gift Annuity brochure (use as leave-behind or mailing)
  • Other gift plans covered as a reminder of “easy ways to give”

Supplementary Items

  • A personalized letter and brochure explaining CGAs
  • A script to introduce and explain the basics of CGAs and how they differ from variable commercial annuities
  • A short “how-to” on the ways to finance a CGA and the benefits of each
  • A short video explaining CGAs (for donors or to train new team members)

Charitable gift annuities are a win-win gift for both the donor and for the charity. Because there are opportunities for frequent communications along with the annuity payments, CGAs allow nonprofit organizations to build long-term relationships with donors. And when the donor passes away, the nonprofit receives the remaining amount of the annuity. The donor benefits by getting income for life, a tax break, and the feeling of contributing some good to the world. And in many cases, a planned gift such as a charitable gift annuity allows the donor to make a much larger contribution than they normally could have through an annual gift. CGAs are just one more way you can help your donor to create a legacy while also helping to advance your nonprofit’s mission.

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