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Expand Your Donation Base with DAF Direct

Donor-advised funds are hot right now. And the free DAF Direct program is a simple, effective way to welcome DAF donors into your organization’s planned giving family.

DAF Direct makes it easy for donors to recommend a DAF grant while they research your organization online. It also provides an opportunity for fundraisers to build relationships with those donors and discuss other opportunities to support your mission: Studies show DAF donors’ contact information is included with the majority of the grants made through the nation’s largest DAF programs.

Tapping Into The Future

An online fundraising component is essential for your nonprofit’s success. A recent Blackbaud study shows that, over a three-year period, online giving grew 32.4 percent in 2020. And 28 percent of 2020’s online donations came from a mobile device!

DAF donors in particular tend to do their research and giving online. A recent Schwab Charitable quarterly report showed its donors made 87% of their grant recommendations through the World Wide Web.

What is DAF Direct?

DAF Direct is an easy-to-install web application that appears on your planned giving website, either as a widget or as a link, allowing donors to initiate grant recommendations from their donor-advised fund (DAF).

  • The DAF Direct widget can be customized and added directly and prominently to your website, allowing donors to access their donor-advised funds.
  • The DAF Direct link is a version that can be added to your website’s payment options. However, unlike many of the other available payment types, DAF Direct charges no processing or transaction fees.


For a one-time small setup fee, DAF Direct can be integrated into:

Widget Implementation

NOTE: We handle implementation of the DAF Widget for a one-time small setup fee. 

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