Chapter Websites

For Nonprofits Who Have Affiliates

Foundations, National Charities, Diocese, Archdiocese, Senior Living, any Charity with Multiple Locations

A planned giving website is not an add-on to your marketing plan — it’s an essential tool. A website is the hub for your planned giving program.

It gives your program instant credibility. It also provides fundraisers with a place to direct donors for useful information and provides a safe place for shy, privacy-seeking or “silent” donors to poke around and get their questions answered without dealing with a face-to-face conversation. (It’s like going into a store and being able to avoid those pesky salespeople.)

Yet smaller shops often don’t have the budget for a comprehensive website. That’s why we offer a much more affordable option: planned giving partner and chapter websites called Micro Sites.

The Perfect Solution: A Planned Giving Chapter Website

Are you a national charity or a community foundation with nonprofit partners on a tight budget? We understand, and we have a way to help that will enable those chapters to bring in more meaningful and larger gifts — plus boost the parent nonprofit’s SEO!

We now offer planned giving chapter websites called Micro Sites. The only requirement is that the national charity must be a PlannedGiving.Com client with a LegacyPRO Planned Giving Website.

Features of a Planned Giving Chapter Website (Micro Site)

  • Two-page planned giving site.
  • Summaries of up to 14 gift plans.
  • Customization with the chapter’s logo, organization name, “nickname” and contact information.
  • A brief mission statement explaining the chapter’s work.
  • A link-back from the main planned giving website (can be on home page or the “contact” page)
  • Content written in our signature, “plain English” style — no industry buzzwords or mind-numbing accountant-speak.

Payment Options

The planned giving chapter websites (Micro Sites) are scalable — the more you have the less you pay as long as the billing is centralized with the main (top level) organization. They can also be paid by your partners, but then you lose the scalability.A planned giving Micro Site is the perfect way to balance budget concerns against the necessity of having a planned giving website. Even though it lacks some features included in a full website, a chapter website more than covers the basics. It will help boost your chapter nonprofit’s profile; provide a valuable resource for fundraisers, donors and prospects alike; bring in planned gifts; and provide an additional lift for the parent nonprofit’s SEO.Don’t miss out — contact us to get more information.


Costs depend on the number of affiliates, and editorial revisions and branding are limited because of the extremely low price. But for most chapters, it is the planned giving content that’s critical. And we’re good at that!