Premium Downloads

We host one of the largest libraries of planned giving content. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Professionally designed marketing templates (brochures, direct mail, postcards, etc.)
  • Technical documents
  • Filler articles
  • Back office forms, templates, guides
  • Stewardship forms, templates, guides
  • Toolkits (QCD Toolkit, Bequest Toolkit)
  • Courses (Monthly Micro Lessons and other courses)

The above content is bundled with our LegacyPRO planned giving websites.

Please remember that this content is copyrighted and is available for use only during the licensing period, and to only one organization at a time. Our licensing agreement also prohibits carrying, selling or lending our content to another party or organization.

Important. Please Read

  • You will need Adobe InDesign to work with most of our templates.
  • We strongly advise working with a graphic designer or your marketing department.
  • Do not use the images and photos that are in our files. Swap them with your own. 
  • Often, we have image placeholders and therefore you may notice images missing (Error: Image Not Found). This is normal. Just swap them with your own images and artwork.
  • It’s okay to use stock photography.
  • Feel free to edit our content. However, be careful with content that covers tax law.
  • You will often see that our fonts may not match your fonts. This is normal. Swapping our fonts with yours is expected as fonts vary from computer to computer. 
  • Please always proof the content. You may need to apply your specific non-profit industry “tone” to the copy.
  • Tax laws can change fast. If you have any doubts about any specifics, contact us.