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Timeless and elegant ways-of-giving brochures. They cover ways-of-giving vehicles. Customize with your cover letter and mission statement.

Contents: Two Templates
  • 12 to 20 pages
  • Covers gifting vehicles
  • 12 to 20 pages
  • Covers gifting vehicles

“Gifting Vehicle” brochures are the daily bread and butter for any development shop. These all fit into a #10 envelope, are easy to produce, and inexpensive to mail. Many have gift diagrams and Gift Comparison Charts. 

Contents: 12 Brochure Templates


  • A must have for any nonprofit.
  • Covers the simplest gift to make.
  • Includes Bequest Language.
  • 3-panels, two sides

Endow Your Annual Gift

This piece combines technical information about how an endowment holds donations and makes distributions, along with encouraging readers to perpetuate their own giving through an endowment.

Includes two examples.

Charitable Gift Annuity

The gift that “provides income” for life. Includes benefits, features, and gift diagram.

Two design templates included.

Donor Advised Funds

The gift that “provides income” for life. Includes benefits, features, and gift diagram.

Two design templates included.

2 Templates Total

All titles are suggestions, yet have been proven to work. Please change or edit according to your needs.

  • Don’t Worry. You Don’t Need a Will. The Government Will Take Care of It for You. (Importance of having a will).
  • Trusts 101
  • 10 Things to Remember
  • 8 Tax Tips Charitable Donations
  • 12 Simple Steps to Creating an Estate Plan
  • How to Create an Estate Plan
  • Save Your Estate Probate Expenses
  • The Philanthropists Guide
  • Top 7 Estate-Planning Mistakes
  • Life Insurance Estate Planning Tool
  • Wise Women Estate Planning
  • Choosing an Estate Planning Attorney
  • Essential Steps for Setting Up a Trust

In a noisy world, a compelling, shorter message gets heard. Planned giving postcards are easier to develop and less expensive to mail. This means you can mail more often. Some of the templates have 3 to 7 variations for the front of the card, while others only have one.

Contents: 12 Postcard Templates

General Giving

  • A must have for any nonprofit.
  • Covers the simplest gift to make. Mentions Legacy Giving.
  • You can reference your planned giving website for Bequest Language since it is only a postcard (gives them a reason to visit the site, too).


  • The most popular gift
  • A gift that costs nothing during lifetime
  • Simple to give, simple to accept

Donor Advised Fund (DAF)

  • A very popular gift
  • Gift can be directed to a particular purpose
  • Pledge commitments can be fulfilled
  • Talks about the tax benefits

Retirement Plans

  • Covers general IRA giving
  • QCDs (IRA Rollover)
  • Mentions potential double taxation

Appreciated Assets / Securities

  • Lower your tax bill year end
  • “Buy Low, Give High”
  • “Giving stock is better than giving cash”
  • Pay no capital gains tax

Charitable Gift Annuities

  • “A Guaranteed Paycheck for Life!”
  • Payments are partially tax-free
  • Avoid capital gains tax when giving stock


  • How to Choose an Estate Planning Attorney
  • CGA Letter 
  • Beneficiary Designations Solicitation Letter
  • Solicitation Letter – Planned Giving Website Announcement
  • Solicitation Letter
  • Solicitation Letter – Bequest
  • Solicitation Letter – Bequest 2
  • Bequest Thank You Letter
  • Follow Up Bequest Letter 1
  • Follow Up Bequest Letter 2
  • Follow Up Bequest Letter 3
  • General Intention Form + Letter
  • Solicitation – From VP or CEO
  • Solicitation – Bequest Launch


  • Bequest Article – Brochure
  • R1 – Touch Piece – 25 Estate Documents Before You Leave*
  • R2 – Bequest and Organizational Q&A
  • R3 – General Intention Form
  • R4 – Non-binding Bequest Intention Notification
  • R5 – Donor Testimonial Form / Questionnaire
  • R6 – Sample Donor Stories
  • R7 – Codicil Sample
  • R8 – Bequest Sample Language
  • R9 – Disclaimer


  • Gift Comparison Charts*
  • Typical Marketing Calendar
  • Pocket Guides (Fundraisers, Board & Volunteers, MGO version)*

*Mailed to you separately via US Mail.

Visual summary on how giving vehicles work. Use them as leave-behinds, in the back of your Cornerstone Ways-of-Giving brochure or mail them out with your notes. Use PDF versions for electronic distribution, or place on your planned giving website.

Gifts Anyone Can Make (The Simple Gifts)


Donor Advised Funds

Appreciated Securities

Retirement Plans

IRA Rollover (QCD)

Life Insurance

Real Estate

Gifts that Provide Income (Life Income Gifts)

Charitable Gift Annuity 

Deferred Gift Annuity

Remainder Unitrusts

Remainder Annuity Trusts

Pooled Income Funds

Gifts that Protect Assets

Retained Life Estate

Retained Life Estate

Bargain Sale

Lead Trusts

Back Office tools and forms include:

  • Readiness Questionnaire
  • Planned Giving Committee Memorandum
  • Planned Giving Activity Tracking Report
  • Sample Internal Case
  • Internal Case for Planned Giving Template
  • Planned Giving Leadership Questionnaire
  • Gift Counting and Recognition Policy Summary
  • Planned Gifts Tracking Reports Template
  • Gift Acceptance Policy Template
  • Binding Gift Agreement Template
  • Non-Binding Statement of Intent Template
  • Binding Estate Gift Agreement Template
  • Estate Administration Procedures Template
  • Estate Administration Template Documents
  • Current PPP Model Standards of Practice

Special Note: All above will be downloaded through a single zip file.

Forms and Tools

  • Building Donor Relationships
  • Generational Cohort Discussion
  • Events That Prompt Planned Giving
  • Stock Tracking Report
  • Meeting Personal Planning Objectives
  • Prospect Profile Form Template
  • Qualification Visit Worksheet Template
  • Society Membership Criteria
  • Welcome Letter and Info Sheet Templates
  • Legacy Society Brochure Template
  • Legacy Society Reply Card Template
  • Society Event Planning Document Template
  • Prospect Rating Template
  • Making the Ask
  • Membership Roster Template
  • Brochure Sample (Remington Society)

Special Note: All above will be downloaded through a single zip file.

Touch Pieces

  • 25 Estate Documents Before You Leave

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